wild animals

Bears rescued from tiny forgotten cages, lions flown out from zoos devastated by war, orangutan orphans raised and trained to survive in the jungle on their own – all over the world, FOUR PAWS helps wild animals in need.

A silver fox head peering out between some leaves

Animals in fashion

We need more compassion in fashion #WearitKind

A graphic showing the faces of a tiger and a lion; a broken glass effect has been applied to the image to distort them

The Vicious Cycle

We must end the big cat trade

Animal Charity

Trophy Hunting

The barbaric nature of killing wild animals for sport

Animal Charity

Protect Primates

Help End the Trade & Keeping of Primates as Pets

A tiger laying down behind a wooden wall, only its head and front paws are visible

The Tiger Trade

The commercial trade of tigers in Europe is legal and out of control. Help us ban the #RuthlessTrade.

A baby racoon dog standing on a metal mesh flooring, within a cage on a fur farm

The Fur Trade

We fundamentally oppose the killing of animals for their fur. We are calling for a #FurFreeBritain.

Animal Charity

Private Keeping of Wild Animals

Wild animals should not be made to live like pets in conditions not suited to their species

Two lion cubs in Bulgaria

Wild Animals in Zoos

Accommodating animals according to their needs

Arial shot of a male lion, he's looking straight up at the camera

help for big cats

We believe that big cats should not be kept as pets or for entertainment.

A brown bear behind metal bars with one paw up

help for bears

 We aim to improve the living conditions of imprisoned bears and to end the worst forms of abuse.

Two horses tacked up pulling two rickshaw style carts

help for horses

Equines (horses, donkeys, zebras) are a diverse species that have accompanied and been used by humans for thousands of years.

Young orangutan peering over a ledge of leafs

Help for Orangutans

The Orangutan Forest School in the heart of Borneo teaches orangutan orphans all the skills they will later need to survive in the wild

Factory farming

Pandemics and Animal Welfare

Support our demands for a world of higher animal welfare!

Young lion cub in the arms of a person at a big cat park

Our Policy Work

Changing legislation to improve the lives of animals is at the very heart of FOUR PAWS