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We need your help to rescue animals who have suffered under direct human influence.

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Unlike adopting an animal where your support helps one animal, by sponsoring your support does even more than that – it helps to protect all animals in need and brings us one step closer to a world where people treat animals with empathy, respect and understanding.  

As animals explore and roam free at our Sanctuaries, you will get a unique look behind the scenes when our caretakers post updates, photos and videos of your preferred animal species.

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Sponsor bobby

Many of the big cats we’ve rescued were previously kept in terrible conditions. Support lions like Bobby, the gentle lion with the freckled nose, as he receives the care he needs in FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary.

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Sponsor michal

Used as attractions, forced to perform, and even used as baiting objects, hundreds of bears are exploited for money. Support bears like Michal, the three-legged bear who is recovering from years of confinement in a barren enclosure.

Sponsor bears
Brown down in a rusted cage

Sponsor dogs

For most of the dogs caught up in the dog meat trade, the future is bleak. Many are stolen from loving homes. Others are strays, alone in the world with no one to help them. Will you protect dogs facing a brutal death?

Sponsor dogs

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