Changing legislation to improve the lives of animals on farms, in our homes and in the wild is at the very heart of FOUR PAWS, and something we pride ourselves on. Here are some of the legislative changes we are currently calling for in Government. 

Our work on Farm animal Welfare

Government Food Procurement

Food procurement

For the sake of animal welfare, our health and the planet, we must #MakeFoodKinder. Everyone should share this goal, from individuals and companies to local authorities and Government. Read more about how we are influencing food policy in public institutions like schools, care homes, prisons and libraries.

Recognising Animal Sentience

Animal sentience

Post-Brexit, we must ensure animal sentience is enshrined in law. We are pleased that the Government have introduced the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill, but Parliament needs to be held accountable when making policy decisions that impact animal welfare. Find out how we are doing this.

Ending Live Animal Exports

Live animal exports

Exporting live animals for fattening and slaughter won't be permitted in the UK through the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill if passed. We want clear legislation on journey times, temperature and space allowances, as well as seeing this applied to animals transported for breeding. Follow the Bill as it progresses.

Banning Imports of Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Foie gras production involves repeatedly force-feeding ducks and geese, causing immeasurable suffering. The practice is illegal in the UK, but we still import around 200 tonnes from Europe each year. We want a total ban on foie gras imports and sale within the UK and will watch closely as the Government fulfil their commitment to explore this. 

our work on Wild Animal welfare

Banning trophy hunting imports

Trophy hunting imports

We want to see an end to the cruel sport of trophy hunting once and for all.The UK Government must introduce a total ban on the import of hunting trophies - with no loopholes or exemptions! Find out more.

Banning import and sale of fur

Fur imports and sales 

The barbaric cruelty of fur farming must end. Although illegal here, we still import and sell millions of pounds worth of fur into the UK each year. We want a fur free BritainFind out what we are doing to influence the Government on this issue.

Banning primates as pets

Primates as pets 

Primates are intelligent, social creatures, and should not be allowed to be kept as pets. Under the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, the Government will ban the sale and trade of primates if passedbut there are loopholes we need to make sure the Government closes. Read more.

Strengthen the Hunting Act and Ending the Badger Cull 

Badger cull/hunting act 

We want the Hunting Act strengthened, with better enforcement and heftier fines. Loopholes, such as trail hunting that ‘accidentally’ end with the death of a fox, should be banned. Furthermore, we support fellow NGOs in ending the badger cull through our work within the Wildlife and Countryside Link coalition.

Improve Zoo Animal Welfare

Zoo animal welfare

The Government plans to review zoo animal welfare regulations under the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill and we plan to respondWe hope this will cover issues like interactions with zoo animals and the keeping of elephants in zoos

Ending Commercial Tiger Trade 

Ending commercial tiger trade

Whether performing in circuses, bought as pets or killed and turned into traditional medicine, skins or trophies, a lack of regulation in Europe is putting an almost extinct species at risk. At least 1,682 tiger products were seized from 2009-2014 in the UK. Click here to find out more about this cruel trade.  

our work on Companion Animal welfare

Ending the Illegal Puppy Trade

Illegal puppy trade 

The pandemic has seen the illegal puppy trade grow exponentially within the UK. We want tougher restrictions on puppies imported into the UK including increasing import age to six months to ensure they, and the families buying them, do not suffer. Read more about our work here.

Introducing Cat Microchipping

Cat microchipping 

The Government have promised to introduce legislation making microchipping your cat mandatory. With 8 out of 10 stray cats in rescue centres not being microchipped, we hope this will help reunite lost cats with their owners. Watch this space.

Addressing Pet Theft

Pet theft taskforce

With 170% increase in pet theft since the pandemic began, the Government have promised to set up a taskforce to tackle this crime. However, we must ensure a solution is delivered by this taskforce before Parliament breaks for summer recess. 

Regulating Online Sale of Puppies 

Online puppy trade

The brilliant Lucy’s Law (2019) means that puppies cannot be sold through third party sellersinstead, you must go through a breeder or animal shelter. But with still so many dodgy ads online, we are pushing for our Model Solution to be adopted to provide traceability of all persons involved in a dog’s life. Read more here. 

Prosecuting Illegal Puppy Breeders

Illegal puppy breeders

We are investigating cases of illegal puppy breeders. Where possible, we will seek justice for both the puppies and humans that have suffered by sharing intelligence with RSPCA or Trading Standards. If you or someone you know has been a victim of the illegal puppy trade, please report it here.  
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