Fur Free Britain

FOUR PAWS has worked to end the fur trade since it was founded in 1988, and although fur farming has been banned in the UK since 2000, we still import £50-£70 million of fur annually according to the latest Government statistics. This equates to around two million animals being killed each year just for British fashion. We are still very much a part of this barbaric trade and must stop the UK profiting from this cruelty. 

What is the FOUR PAWS policy on fur? 

We are calling on the UK Government to #WearItKind and ban the import and sale of all fur

We were dismayed that the Animals Abroad Bill, which included a fur sales and import ban, was missing from the Queen’s Speech of 2022. Rest assured, we will continue to work with MPs and the Government to deliver the public’s wishes for a #FurFreeBritain. 

What are we doing to ensure Britain goes fur free?

For over three years we have been campaigning for a #FurFreeBritain alongside animal welfare charities such as Humane Society International, Open Cages, PETA and RSPCA. In April 2021, we handed in over 1,000,000 signatures to Number 10 Downing Street calling on the Government to ban the sale and import of all fur in the UK. We hope this continued pressure from organisations like ours instill the Prime Minister to act and finally make a #FurFreeBritain. Our #FurFreeBritain petition is still open, so please sign today.

We are part of the #DontBetrayAnimals coalition with many other animal welfare NGOs and have petitioned and protested outside Parliament, urging the Government not to drop the fur import and sales ban. We also responded to the Government fur trade consultation and are still waiting for the responses to be published.

In January 2023, we hosted a #FurFreeBritain Parliamentary Reception with Humane Society International/UK, hosted by Shadow Animal Welfare Minister, Ruth Jones MP, to celebrate and reflect on the 20th Anniversary of the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act. At this event we saw new investigation footage, launched our new report and heard from passionate celebrities and campaigners on why the Government must deliver a ban on the import and sale of fur into the UK.

What are we doing about international fur farming?

As a global animal welfare organisation, its important the FOUR PAWS UK supports the work of our international colleagues to bring an end to fur farming, especially in Europe, but utilising the influence of the UK Government. With the UK implementing a fur imports/sales ban, we can set a exemplary example to other countries worldwide  

As members of the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of over 50 animal protection organisations, we are working to bring about the end of fur farming and fur trapping. This coalition focuses on the animal welfare issues surrounding fur, promotes the Fur Free Retailer scheme to fashion brands, and encourages national and international production and import bans. 

Fur farms are not only concerning for welfare reasons. The UK imports fur from mink farms, which is a serious concern given the numerous outbreaks of Covid-19 in hundreds of farms across Europe. . In Denmark alone, over 17 million mink were culled to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and further outbreaks. If we continue treating animals with such disregard, future pandemics are inevitable. For both the animals as well as ourselves, we must end the fur trade and demand a #FurFreeBritain once and for all. 

Shocking findings from our new report

Read our new report - The frightening reality of the fur industry - and find out how the UK is still supporting this cruel trade by importing millions of pounds worth of fur each year.

The frightening reality of the fur industry

The frightening reality of the fur industry

Cruelty, COVID-19 and changing times – it is time to end the UK’s contribution to the cruel global fur trade.

“The harm against animals, the deception of consumers, the risk for zoonotic diseases and the environmental devastation more than justifies the UK banning imports and sales of products from this cruel industry for good.”

The frightening reality of the fur industry - FOUR PAWS

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