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Every year, hunters from the UK travel to Africa to participate in “trophy hunting,” bringing home the dead animals to display as trophies and souvenirs on their walls.

Most of the "Big 5" - elephants, lions, rhino, buffalo, and leopards - can be hunted in Africa...for the right price. For bragging rights, trophy hunters seek to kill the most impressive animals in the group, namely the largest breeding-size males. Bull elephants with the biggest tusks and large lions with dark manes like Cecil are the preferred targets.

These animals’ deaths create a severe disruption in the social structure and survival of the group, along with the loss of genetic material that's vital to the healthy continuation of the species. As threatened and endangered species, the survival of these individual animals matters.

Illusion of Conservation

Supporters of trophy hunting proclaim their activities support conservation. Yet, despite the extravagant fees hunters pay to bring home a prized trophy – with hunts ranging from $24,000 to over $71,000 for an African lion – there is no legitimate evidence that money trickles down past unstable governments or corrupt officials to create viable conservation efforts on the ground. Even without corruption, studies have shown that the amount of money generated by trophy hunting pales in comparison to the amount of money brought into countries through tourism and wildlife watching.

FOUR PAWS UK is calling for a ban of trophy hunting imports & exports into the UK to help put a stop to this cruel and barbaric practise. Britain is a significant transit point for the shipment of trophies from the country of origin en route to a third country.

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We want to see a complete ban on all hunting trophies entering or leaving the UK. If you support this, please tell the Government today. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a change to UK legislation, so please respond to the Government public consultation on trophy hunting before 25th February 2020 and make your voice heard!

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