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FOUR PAWS believes that big cats should not be kept as pets or for entertainment, as these wild animals suffer in captivity under inadequate keeping conditions including lack of expert care, frequent travelling, training and intensive interaction with humans. Unfortunately, thousands of big cats still live under very poor conditions in circuses, zoos and private ownership. Uncontrolled breeding causes ‘surplus’ animals that either end up dead or (illegally) traded to unsuitable places.

FOUR PAWS calls for the improvement of legal standards regarding keeping conditions in certified zoological facilities and sanctuaries and demands a ban on other forms of captivity. Devising solutions for unwanted and illegally kept big cats plays a crucial role in our work. Our big cat sanctuaries and centres offer rescued big cats a species-appropriate home.

Tiger behind bars

‘Europe’s second-class tigers’

A FOUR PAWS report documenting the out of control number of captive tigers in Europe and subsequent commercial trade

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The barbaric nature of killing wild animals for sport

Two lion cubs in Bulgaria

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Accommodating animals according to their needs

Lioness Neida at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

A FOUR PAWS project in South Africa since 2006

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Year of the Tiger?

An investigative report into the big cat farming in South Africa and the need for international action

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