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Made of Fur? Not with MADELEINE

Three months. Over 68,000 signatures. Result – No more fur for this fashion line! 


Last Sunday’s snow gave the UK some much needed respite from those lockdown blues, so I’m sure many of us reached for our hats, scarves and coats to enjoy the weather. And now, with the help of thousands of our UK supporters, we can guarantee that this winter’s fashion scene will be one with a spotlight on animal protection, not fur production. 

In October 2020 we launched our MADELEINE campaign in the hopes of stopping this major European retailer from selling real fur. Fashion is a luxury, and opinion polls across numerous European countries have given the unanimous consensus that breeding animals for their fur is unacceptable. Every year, new sustainable plant-based alternatives to animal products are being created and made available to fashion brands. We knew it, you knew it, now we just needed MADELEINE to see it. 


In just three months, we called on our supporters to take action and you listened. You signed our protest email and you sent hundreds of messages to MADELEINE through social media to make your voices heard. We have made monumental change for the lives of thousands of animals being kept in cramped and disgusting conditions, and it’s all thanks to you. In the world of campaigning, we understand that change takes time, so for such a success in as short a time frame as three months is truly a cause for celebration! 

We still have a long way to go to achieve a fur-free future but come this winter season we know that at least one more fashion brand will have taken the steps to #LiveKinder.  

Animal Charity

You can follow our MADELEINE campaign success here, and for more information about what we are doing to put a stop to the fur trade in the UK, check out our #FurFreeBritain campaign. 

Animal Charity

Rebecca Dharmpaul

Campaigns Officer

Becky works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, managing our Make Food Kinder and Dog Cat Meat Trade campaigns. She has a background in Zoology and animal welfare within sanctuaries, with over five years experience across several animal non-profits to aid in the protection of animals, both in the UK and internationally.

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