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European fashion brand commit to ending the sale of real fur!


Furious about fur

Under the collar or hood of a fur jacket lies a cruel industry, with over 95 million victims in the shape of raccoon dogs, foxes, minks, rabbits and more. These animals are bred and confined in tiny, cramped cages, only to be killed by electrocution or gassing at just a few months old.

Breeding animals for fur is considered unacceptable across Europe by the majority of consumers. Alternatives are constantly being created that promote animal protection and sustainability over cruelty, however some fashion brands still include fur in their products.


Whilst you may not find MADELEINE on the high street, this major European retailer were selling fur products globally, including in the UK. Our campaign aimed at putting a stop to this trade and urged MADELEINE to listen to its consumers and end the sale of fur forever.

And thanks to you, WE DID IT!

In just three months, your actions moved MADELEINE to see the error of their ways and commit to removing all fur products from sale by the winter season 2021/2022 onwards.

You made this possible

Thank you

Animal Charity

October, 2020

We identified MADELEINE as one of the last major providers of fur in Europe that was selling fur in the UK

Animal Charity

We asked you to take action and sign a protest email to MADELEINE, urging them to end the sale of real fur.

Animal Charity

November, 2020

With no response, we toured the streets of Nuremberg, Germany, and paid a visit to MADELEINE HQ to make your voices heard!

Animal Charity

YOU made the difference. Over 600 supporters took to social media and a sent message to MADELEINE calling for the cruelty to end.

Animal Charity

Goal! Thanks to you, we reached our goal of 68,000 signatures from across Europe and the USA, with the UK contributing over 4,000 signatures.

Animal Charity

January, 2021

We made it! MADELEINE officially announce that it will stop selling real fur, from the winter season 2021/2022 onwards.

“We are proud that MADELEINE has recognized the signs of the times and will soon stop selling fur products. The spotlight has been shone on this cruel trade in recent months due to repeated COVID-19 outbreaks on mink farms and the associated risk to public health. In light of this we applaud MADELEINE for finally appreciating that an exit from the fur business is the only correct decision. As soon as MADELEINE is fur-free, we would be happy to welcome the fashion house as a new participant in the international Fur Free Retailer program.”

Emily Wilson, Head of Programmes, FOUR PAWS UK

Thank you!

A huge thank you to everybody who supported this campaign and took action, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Animal Charity
Animal Charity

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