The Atlas Challenge 

A global initiative to meat reduction


Just under 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by livestock farming, so why is meat reduction so easily forgotten in a climate change conversation? As individuals, we can play our part in reducing our consumption of animal products and introduce more plant-based alternatives into our diets. For real systemic change, however, we must look the food industry to take accountability for their actions and understand that sustainability and meat reduction are two sides of the same coin.

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In 2020, FOUR PAWS initiated the Atlas Challenge. Multinational players in the food industry have an influence on the consumption and production trends of animal products, so we are calling on major companies to use fewer animals in their products. To rank the food sectors, FOUR PAWS used four key criteria:

1.  Philosophy – Does the company have a sustainable or progressive food strategy with consideration of reducing animal-based protein?

2.  Marketing – Does the company give incentives or promote vegan/vegetarian dishes?

3.  Product Range – Does the company provide a variety of plant-based options?

4.  Future Commitment – Is the company willing to develop and implement solutions?

 Below are just a few of the results, how did your favourite brand do? For a full list of the brands we ranked, click the links below the image.

Animal Charity

With billions of animals being farmed globally in terrible conditions and contributing to the climate crisis, it’s time for companies in the food industry to put sustainable food strategies in place to truly combat the problem head on.

Animal Charity

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