The FOUR PAWS Atlas Challenge

FOUR PAWS is taking companies in the food industry to drive meat reduction and increase plant-based and food innovative products. With billions of animals being farmed globally in terrible keeping conditions, contributing to the climate crisis, deforestation and the environmental degradationit’s time for key players in the industry to step up and put sustainable food strategies on their agenda to become progressive planet-savvy pioneers. 

What FOUR PAWS is asking:

FOUR PAWS is asking companies to take responsibility for their impact on the planet and play a positive rather than destructive role. Companies are beginning to do this by diversifying the food they offer, reducing the quantities of meat and increasing plant-based food and innovative products. But for companies to have a truly positive impact, such steps need to happen at a much bigger scale.

We expect action and progress from industry players within the following categories: 

  • diversifying their product range to decrease their meat and fish* offerings,
  • implementing marketing strategies that encourage increased consumption of plant-based and innovative foods,
  • setting long-term strategies
  • and setting concrete commitments towards reducing meat as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, where the reduction of meat is not replaced with an increase of fish

Over 74 billion farm animals and an estimated 120 billion fish1 are farmed for food each year which depicts a massive number of animal suffering and damage to the environment. By assessing the level of effort of industry players compared to their competitors, we would show companies where they stand and encourage them to reassess their policies.  

With meat production contributing to the climate and farmed animal crisis, industries hold a powerful key to deciding the fate of millions of farmed animals and the planet.

*fish = including all types of shellfish & seafood

It’s time for the food industry to take action

 and stop contributing to the destruction of the planet!

Ask them to take responsibility!


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