The bloody business of sheep wool production

The wool business is thriving worldwide. The leading producers are Australia, South America and New Zealand. Like all mass production in which farm animals are involved, sheep farming and the production of wool are major animal welfare issues.

FOUR PAWS advocates responsible wool production

FOUR PAWS is part of the 'Responsible Wool Standards' working group and aims to lastingly improve the lives of sheep in the wool industry. One thing is clear: the textile industry is not about to stop using wool. However, fashion labels and companies that process animal products must finally take on responsibility for the animals involved. An international standard can help to tackle animal welfare problems in wool production. FOUR PAWS is making sure that the highest possible requirements are met to ensure the well-being of farmed sheep.


  • Naturally, the most animal-friendly decision is not to purchase or use wool. 
  • If giving up wool is not an option, buy from regional sheep wool producers. By visiting regional farms, you can see for yourself how the animals are kept. 
  • Research whether companies have a policy or position on wool and wool procurement. If your Internet search is unsuccessful, contact the companies directly and ask about the origin of the wool, how the animals are kept and in which way the company supports an animal-friendly supply chain.