Stray puppies on the streets of India

International Impact with Strong Partnerships

We are able to help more animals in India and around the globe


FOUR PAWS has been an active cooperation partner of the Blue Cross of India (BCI) for almost 10 years. Thanks to our cooperation we rescue about 17,000 animals a year in India, which is more than 46 animals a day!

Blue Cross of India is on of India's oldest and one of the most influential animal welfare organisations, founded in 1959. After knowing of each other for many years, in 2010, Blue Cross of India and FOUR PAWS decided to join forces to protect, care for and rescue thousands of animals in India and in the South East Asia region together.

2550 dogs and cats were adopted in 2019

FOUR PAWS has provided

  • Shelter facilities for rescued animals, including dogs, cats, cattle, goats, horses, donkeys, monkeys, birds and many other rescued creatures. Shelters are located in Guindy (Chennai), Kunnam Village (Kanchipuram District) and Thodukadu Village (Thiruvallur District).
  • Round the clock rescue and ambulance service for sick/injured street animals or animals in distress. Also on a daily basis, a professionally trained team rescues injured pets, strays, snakes and cattle that e.g. are trapped in a well (technical rescues).
  • Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme which is similar to FOUR PAWS’ CNR programmes. On a yearly basis, approximately 9,000 - 10,000 dogs and cats are sterilised. There are ABC clinics in Chennai, Neyveli and in Puducherry which caters to the ABC of dogs and cats in neighbouring local body areas, Govt and private campuses, residential communities in addition to the Greater Chennai Corporation.
  • Clinic facilities for pet owners with low income for 365 days a year, manned by qualified veterinarians.
  • Water bowl project is an annual initiative since 2013 providing some comfort to stray animals during the unforgiving temperatures during summer. The lack of clean drinking water leads to dehydration and finally death of thousands of homeless animals in Chennai.
  • Other activities such as adoption drives, cattle shelter, post-research animal rehabilitation centre and humane education programmes.
Stray puppy Jerry and his sibling

Mobile hospital comes to the rescue again

Jerry and his siblings live near a railway station in Chennai India. While they live on the street, they fortunately have kind people who take care and feed them. One of them noticed that Jerry was suddenly losing fur and was covered in ticks and fleas. As you know if you have been following this channel this is a case for our mobile hospital that we run in partnership with Blue Cross of India. This hospital-on-wheels means animals that are not seriously sick or injured can be treated in their territory, avoiding the trauma and stress of being relocated to a clinic for treatment. The animal ambulance team started Jerry on the treatment he needed to heal his skin problems and after a few repeat visits, Jerry regained his fur and has become a happy, handsome dog once more!

Animal ambulance to the rescue in Chennai

Animal ambulance to the rescue in Chennai

We proudly present to you the FOUR PAWS/Blue Cross of India animal ambulance! This "Hospital on Wheels" will help animals with a veterinarian providing ‘on-site’ treatment for sick and injured street animals. At the launch event, the ambulance was flagged off by Madras High Court Justice, Anita Sumanth, accompanied by BCI chairman, S Chinny Krishna.

Our stray animal care programme in the region was launched already last year together with our partner, Blue Cross of India (BCI) but got delayed due to COVID-19. Given these tricky times, we are so happy to see that ambulance rolling out now and helping animals!

Its help is much needed: BCI receives over 500 calls for animal care every day but can only rescue and treat around 30 a day, due to having to pick them up and transport them for treatment. A lot of the animals could be treated on the streets as the injuries are minor and since these street animals remain in the same area, repeat on-site treatment can be easily administered. Of course, animals that are seriously injured or critically ill, will be transported to hospital for continued treatment.

We hope that with the FOUR PAWS/Blue Cross of India ambulance we will have the capacity to help around 1,800 stray animals in Chennai.


10 years of working in partnership

FOUR PAWS has been an active cooperation partner of the Blue Cross of India (BCI) for 10 years. While their main base is in India, our cooperation has taken us all over the world to help animals in need. 

The feeding of stray animals in Chennai

The feeding of stray animals in Chennai

Thousands of stray animals have been starving on the streets of Chennai since there are limited food sources because of COVID-19 lockdown. Our stray feeding programme started on the second day of lockdown and has fed many hungry mouths across the city.

Cyclone 'Fani' in Odisha

Cyclone 'Fani' in Odisha 

In May, BCI joined the FOUR PAWS team for the Cyclone Fani disaster relief mission.

Receiving rabies vaccination

Rabies project in Myanmar 

BCI supported the pilot project protects animals and humans from life-threatening infections. #DontWaitVaccinate

Lombok following the earthquake

Mission in Lombok 

Our dangerous mission to the Indonesian islands struck by earthquakes that left hundreds of animals in urgent need. Our partners from India were able to join the FOUR PAWS response and helped to rescue and care for the animals affected by the earthquake. Read more here! 


Funds to rebuild

The BCI shelter was badly damaged during a cyclone and FOUR PAWS supported with extra funds to rebuild the facilities. The animal food kitchen, cat shelter buildings, puppy adoption center, sanitation system, and debris removal required emergency repairs to keep the operations running at the Blue Cross of India.

Saving animals during the floods

Flood in Chennai

FOUR PAWS responded to the South India floods as a request from our local partners to rescue animals in the city of Chennai. The team was able to relocate animals to high ground, provide veterinary treatments for animals affected by the flood, and distribute emergency life saving food for all animals including, cows, dogs and cats.  

Dog Sunface

A miracle called Sunface 

With our partner Blue Cross of India, we rescue animals like Sunface on a regular basis. The BCI team has specialised in rescuing animals from precarious situations built on their own experiences and the FOUR PAWS expertise.

Since 2010

Stray Animal Care Cooperation

FOUR PAWS helps BCI with their Animal Birth Control (ABC) work, providing CNVR workshops, training to local veterinarians and animal care teams and collaborating with government authorities to protect stray animals with updated legislation.

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Natural disasters also leave many animals behind

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