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Myanmar: FOUR PAWS vaccinates 50,000 dogs and cats against rabies

Pilot project protects animals and humans from life-threatening infections #DontWaitVaccinate


In March 2018 we started this project: in two months of tireless efforts, the team has already vaccinated almost 58,500 animals. During the pilot project, the dedicated on-site team vaccinated over 34,000 dogs and cats in 275 villages around the capital Naypyidaw as well as over another 23,000 animals in the ancient city of Bagan, with a total number of villages of 240.

In many countries, people were afraid of animals, from the fear of contracting rabies. Together with local and international authorities, FOUR PAWS helped the mass vaccination program in Myanmar. The team of around 40 - consisting of veterinarians from FOUR PAWS, as well as personal veterinarians and authorities, confirms Myanmar's plans to turn rabies until 2030.

The heartbreaking reality behind the rabies epidemic in Myanmar

Our FOUR PAWS team is still on site vaccinating to end the rapid spread of this fatal disease and to prevent tragedies like this. Support our fight against rabies!

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Update 25. February 2020

Our team in Myanmar succeeded to reach 20% of our goal from the 1000,000 rabies vaccination. We reached 200,965 vaccinated animals! 

Update 20. November 2019

Today is the day our team on site reached 10% of our 1 million rabies vaccination goal! The teams hard work is really paying off, and now we can share our great achievement. The grand total from the beginning of the program since June 2019 reached 100,082 animals vaccinated! 

Update 28. September 2018

In view of World Rabies Day on September 28th, Myanmar has a new destination: 1,000,000 dogs and cats are to be vaccinated against rabies within three years. FOUR PAWS thus supports Myanmar's plans to completely eradicate rabies by 2030.

Protect 1 million cats & dogs from rabies!

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Note: Any advertisements that may appear during the viewing of this video are unrelated to FOUR PAWS. We assume no liability for this content.

Solidarity against rabies

The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, as well as volunteers from The Blue Cross of India, supported FOUR PAWS’ mission. FOUR PAWS trained the local teams in terms of sustainable rabies prevention, proper handling of strays and safe dog catching techniques. Additionally, visits to the affected communities and the ongoing FOUR PAWS public awareness campaign has already created a positive impact among the locals as well as in the region and will continue to do so as the project continues.

The fight against rabies is a long-term one

Myanmar achieved a first important milestone in support of the WHO’s worldwide goal of stopping the transmission of rabies from dogs to humans by adopting its first National Plan on Rabies Elimination in Dogs. The successful implementation of the plan will require a long-term commitment from all stakeholders to achieve Myanmar’s goal of eradicating rabies once and for all by 2030. According to The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, of the estimated four million dogs in the country, 70% of them are assumed to be strays. In 2017, nearly 62,000 people were bitten by dogs; 40% of those bitten were children under the age of fifteen. About 1,000 of these bites turned deadly as a result of rabies infections – but there is hope because rabies is 100% preventable by vaccination.

Together we can save lives!

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