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The truth about live lamb cutting (mulesing)

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Wool With a Butt

A campaign to end the cruel practice of live lamb cutting (mulesing)

80% of the world’s fine wool used in the global clothing industry is produced in Australia. But the fluffy lambs there have natural enemies. Flies, that lay their eggs in the many wrinkles around the lambs’ butt. To prevent flies from attacking their sheep, producers use a method called live lamb cutting (also known as mulesing). They restrain the few weeks old lamb and cut off the skin around the buttocks. This happens with the help of shears and usually without anaesthesia. Together, let's change the wool industry and spare lambs the cruel practice of lamb cutting. 

Wool with a ButtWool with a Butt
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Brands against mulesing

See which brands are taking steps toward a mulesing-free wool industry.

FAQ about mulesing and the wool industry

Learn more about mulesing with our infographic and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Campaign highlights, news and updates

Read our press releases and blogs on sheep, wool and mulesing.

This is the story of a stylish, fluffy wool pullover


It belonged to a lamb who once had a butt


Once upon a time the lamb lived in Australia where 80% of the world’s fine wool used in the global clothing industry is produced.


But the fluffy lambs there have natural enemies. Flies, that lay their eggs in the many wrinkles around the lambs’ butt. Parasites 


Mulesing /ˈmjuːlziŋ/ is how wool producers try to prevent flies from attacking their sheep. 


They restrain the few weeks old lamb and cut off the skin around the buttocks. This happens with the help of shears and usually without anaesthesia.


Shocked, the bleeding lamb runs back to its herd. In many cases, and despite the mutilation, flies will still attack the lamb.


The lamb suffers for our clothing. The wool pullover once belonged to a being with emotions, who experienced fear and pain.

lamb - woolwithabut

But there is a solution: sheep that are naturally more resistant to fly infestation. 


This shift will cost wool producers time and effort, but it’s possible.

The outcome: 'Wool with a butt'


The more people demand 'Wool with a butt', the more brands will choose wool from non-live lamb cut sheep. And none of the fluffy lambs will have to endure live lamb cutting (mulesing) again.

lambs pullover

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lamb - woolwithabut

Learn About the Live Lamb Cut-Free Way!

Take a look at these actions and achievements that are paving the way to sheep-friendly wool 

Woman wearing a wool Esprit wool sweater

 Esprit Case Study

 Esprit's future focus is on animals, people, and the planet. This includes transitioning to certified non-live lamb cut wool.

Wool grower with his sheep


Family-owned wool grower Parkdale SRS® shows that breeding healthier and happier sheep is not only an innovative choice but a profitable one. Learn about their transition to breeding flystrike resistant sheep. 


Nike Just did it!

After our successful #StopCruelWool campaign, Nike announced it will only use certified wool sourced with Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) from now on!

Sheep with two lambs runs to the flock of sheep

Our Progress: Timeline to End Mulesing

How FOUR PAWS is committed to ending the cruel mutilation practice of sheep mulesing

Sheep with lambs in Australia

Farm Highlight: The future is non-mulesed

How an Australian wool producing family successfully ended the painful practice of mulesing

Knitted socks

A Guide to Kind Knitting

Ethical wool yarn and alternatives for animal-friendly knitting

More Ways to Take Action
Merino lamb

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 The Bloody Business with Wool

The Bloody Business with Wool

Learn more about mulesing and how to demand an end to this cruel and needless practice (printable pdf leaflet)

Industry Information

From progressive farming, suppliers who care, brands who value animal welfare, and you, the employee are part of the change.

Call upon brands to go mulesing free!

Campaign News & Updates

Read our latest press releases, reports, and stories about our campaign to end live lamb cutting (mulesing)!

A newborn lamb next to its mother

Lamb Mortality and Live Lamb Cutting (Mulesing)

Help to end the suffering of millions of Australian lambs used for fashion


400 International Fashion Brands oppose cruel wool

FOUR PAWS advocates for animal welfare at high-level industry event in Northern Italy

Nike just did it and says “no” to the mutilation of lambs

Nike Says “No” to the Mutilation of Lambs

FOUR PAWS welcomes step towards higher animal welfare by switching to certified wool

Hugo Boss becomes sheep's friend

Hugo Boss becomes sheep's friend

FOUR PAWS latest success in the fight against mulesing

Australian Merino sheep

Progress in Australia: Economic study shows switching to non-mulesed sheep is a success

Wool producers see both financial gain and improved sheep welfare when adopting mulesing-free methods 

Meriono sheep

Global fashion brands take a stand against animal suffering

FOUR PAWS hands over open brand letter to Australian wool industry calling for an end to the cruel mulesing of lambs

Woman with a lamb

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