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Millions of animals are suffering around the world for fashion every year. Many are caged, mutilated and face a brutal death for our clothing choices. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Animal protection is a critical component of ethical fashion. Fashion owes a huge debt to animals but, unfortunately for our furry, feathered and finned friends, most brands don’t know much about animal welfare in their supply chains. But this is changing.

While there are significant animal welfare issues to be addressed across the global fashion trade, right now, we want to see action on four spotlight issues. These are mulesing in the Australian wool industry, farming and trapping wild animals for fur or exotic leather, and live-plucking down from ducks and geese.

What are the issues?

fur farming

95% of the world’s fur comes from caged, abused animals


down Feathers

The cruelty of live plucking


Exotic Skin Trade

Wildlife suffering for the lucrative skin trade


Angora Wool

The reality of angora wool



See how we're tackling the mohair industry


The mulesing of lambs

The mutilation practice behind the woolly image


Domestic leather

Many products on the high-street are the result of cruelty


Our Fashion Reports

Exposing the truth of the fashion industry


Wool Rankings

Helping you to make kinder fashion choices


View our guide on how to wear it kind


how can FOUR PAWS help animals abused for fashion? 

Animal Charity

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Join us in our global push for animal protection in fashion! 

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