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View how our gallery of artwork outlines how to prevent the new pandemic 

Never has there been a time more appropriate than now to call for a global change in the way we treat animals, from our approach to the way we farm, what we consume, and how we buy and care for animals, things need to change. 

Both the legal and illegal trade of wild animals involves the transport of wildlife - and their pathogens - far and wide, intensifying contact with humans and increasing the chances of transmission.

By ending the dog and cat meat trade we could also minimise the risk of another global disease outbreak in the future, as well as protecting millions of companion animals worldwide. 

Perhaps the most overlooked connection to the pandemic, although questionably one of the most important focuses for FOUR PAWS, is the connection to farm animals. Looking back at the history of pandemics, we know that 75% of these began from animals, many of which started in factory farms. This could likely be the best chance we have ever had of reversing the trend of industrial farming and ending factory farming. 

These ten demands, accompanied by their respective artwork, outline our vision for a new world. You can find out more about our demands, the images and their artists, below. 

What the artist had in mind...

Reducing global production and consumption of animal products, created by Julia M

Reducing global production and consumption of animal products

"Meat consumption in western countries is way too high. A plate of food usually consists of a disproportionately high amount of meat, especially in restaurants. More side dishes, with less meat, would not only be more appealing and healthier, but also allow for better keeping standards of animals while  keeping the dish at the same price." Julia M

Regulating the online pet trade and improving traceability of companion animals

Regulating the online pet trade and improving traceability of companion animals

"The illegal puppy trade is rife with animal cruelty 
and criminality. Dogs are treated like breeding machines, exploited by cruel traders who make huge profits selling sick and dying puppies to innocent families. The online sale of pets must be regulated and illegal puppy traders stopped from accessing the online marketplace." Julia M

Ending factory farming

Ending factory farming 

"I want to show the absurdity of factory 
farming and share the hope that this form of animal husbandry will soon only be seen in museums.​" Otto H

Ensuring that trade agreements only allow commercial exchanges that don’t have a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment.

Ensuring that trade agreements only allow commercial exchanges that don’t have a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment. 

"While fighting for better keeping standards 
for farm animals, cheap meat from other countries and continents is imported due to unfair trade agreements. This causes immense animal suffering and environmental destruction. The day when mankind will bury these unethical trade agreements will be a day of joy for our planet" Otto H

Prohibiting the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment

Prohibiting the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment 

"Every time I see wild animals being 
mistreated and used by people, and in this case for “entertainment”, it makes me feel sad about the world we are living in.​ In this painting, I wanted to highlight the hope that comes like a miracle in the middle of a performance in a circus, where all the animals being mistreated get rescued." Jeta L

Ending the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat in Asia

Ending the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat in Asia

"For these two loyal friends of mankind, dark 
days filled with sadness and tears that come like rain have been part of their lives! But in a better world, that's all in the past, and appears buried in their shadows." Jeta L

Reducing stray animal suffering

Reducing stray animal suffering

"Compassion for stray animals has many 
faces – from feeding or saving an individual dog to providing veterinary treatment and promoting responsible pet ownership for all animals in a given country or region. By doing all of these, FOUR PAWS ensures that the world becomes a better and more welcoming place for companion animals where no animal has to suffer." Magdalena P

Stopping fur farming

Stopping fur farming

"I dream of a world where foxes and other animals are free in nature, where they belong; their traumatic past of when they were kept in dark cages and killed for their fur, dissolves into forgotten memories." Sabrina Ausserwöger

Banning the trade of wild animals

Banning the trade of wild animals

"Keeping wild animals in captivity, for me 
has always been painful and unacceptable. Their life in captivity and away from their normal life is very dark. In my painting, I wanted to present how great is the desire of an elephant to leave this dark life in the city, for a colorful life in nature." Fitore Berisha

Ending all agricultural subsidies that harm animals and the environment created by the team

Ending all agricultural subsidies that harm animals and the environment 

"In a joint session, we drew a picture together to 
show that we disagree with how money flows towards animal cruelty and the destruction of the environment." Margit D, Otto H, Sandra K, Julia M, Martina N, Teresa P

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