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Responsible pet ownership

#LiveKinder at home and help keep our pets safe

The current lockdown has highlighted our need for social interaction, and for company. This, however, can come with a pitfall. It may seem tempting to buy a companion animal in the current situation but don’t forget that you are undertaking a responsibility that will long outlive the lockdown.

Further to this, we do not want to inadvertently drive the illegal puppy trade, mass adoption into unsuitable homes. It’s also important to ensure the welfare of pets already in homes. Pet owners and caretakers need to account for potential lockdowns and have enough provisions that ensure pet health and welfare, such as having in place enough medicine, food and other necessities for their pets.

Dog walking should be permitted during lockdown respecting all social distancing measures to enable dogs to express their natural behaviours and to toilet regularly, particularly if they have no access to a garden. Owned cats should also be allowed to roam freely and perform their natural behaviours. 

See below for more information on how you #LiveKinder for your pets:


Tip #1: Get in touch with your local rehoming centres to see if you can help

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Tip #2: Think before you click. Don’t be tempted to get a puppy during this time.

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Tip #3: Think long term. It may be tempting to get a pet for company, but what about when you go back to work? 

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Tip #4: Top tips for dog owners during isolation:

  1. Take dogs for exercise, but go at quiet times to avoid other people.
  2. Create some fun home activities like food balls and snuffle mats to keep your pet entertained.
  3. Get prepared for when things go back to normal - start training with your dog to prevent separation anxiety when you go back to work.
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Tip #5: Is your pet showing separation anxiety?

Damaging furniture? 


Yelping until your return? 



Solution: Gradually leave the house for longer periods to show them that you will always return home.