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How much do you know about this powerful feline predator?

The lion (Panthera leo) is described as the animal king, though the tiger is in fact the largest feline predator. The lion's impressive mane belongs only to the males. 

Young lions tussle and chase each other in order to learn the skills vital for their survival. At the same time, their play reinforces their position in the family hierarchy. Young males leave the pride as soon as they have reached adult age, and found their own pride. The females remain with the family.      

Lions are good Team workers

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Lions hunt in prides. After stalking their prey, they close in to around 30 metres and circle the animal.  

Natural habitat: Africa (south of the Sahara), South Asia.
Body length: 110 to 250 cm
Weight: 150 to 200 kg

Lionesses do most of the work

The females conduct the larger part of the hunt. They take on various tasks according to their skills. Some hunt and steer the prey, others will lay an ambush. After the prey has been killed, the male lion makes sure that he gets his share. His role is to defend the pride's territory. Male lions unable to get a meal often steal prey from other animals. For hyenas who have done the hunting, this often means waiting in line.