FOUR PAWS UK: 15 Years of Animal Welfare in the Making

Join us in celebrating this amazing milestone, made possible by our supporters

FOUR PAWS UK opened its doors on June 15th 2006. Now, fifteen years later, we’re looking back on what we’ve achieved thanks to our supporters and what is yet to come.

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Our main focuses

Over the past fifteen years

Wild Animals

15 Years for Wild Animals

We've been working tirelessly to help wild animals retain their freedom and autonomy. This includes rescuing tigers, lions, and bears from circuses, the bear bile industry, and more.

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Companion Animals

15 Years for Companion Animals

For fifteen years, we've dedicated our time and resources to helping our pets. This includes working to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, as well as tracing and ending the illegal puppy trade.

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Farm Animals

15 Years for Farm Animals

The suffering of farm animals is often overlooked, especially as they are seen more as commodities than living sentient beings. This is why we've been working to change the script and to promote kinder choices in where it will matter most: with what we eat.

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15 Years Against Fur

No animal should suffer for fashion. This is a belief we've had from the start, which is why we've been campaigning to create a #FurFreeBritain.With more and more wins coming through, it's looking like it could be on the horizon.

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15 years at a glance


Joined coalitions to end the commercial wildlife trade, secure a Fur Free Britain, uphold the ivory ban, increase in animal cruelty sentencing

Drew attention to the trophy hunting epidemic and pinpointed that big cats are not trophies and are closer than you think.

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Animal Charity

Secured agreements from bedding retailers to use cruelty-free feather and down in their bedding products

Caused international uproar in the media about inhumane keeping conditions of animals and close dangerous zoos

Animal Charity

Worked with retailers including TK Maxx to remove intensively farmed rabbit meat from supermarket shelves

Cracked down on the illegal online puppy trade by campaigning for changes to online marketplaces, such as Gumtree and eBay Inc 

Animal Charity

 Mobilised 120,000 people to fight for an end to the dog and cat meat trade

Submitted evidence to Government consultations on puppy sales and the illegal puppy trade, primates being kept as pets, trophy hunting, banning wild animals being used in circuses

Animal Charity

Motivated supporters to join in a call to arms for an end to bile bear farming

In just three months along with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US, we successfully mobilised our supporters to apply pressure to fashion brand MADELELINE to stop using fur

Looking to the future, what's next?

Animal Charity
Animal Charity
Animal Charity

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The next fifteen years calls for us to protect animals and our planet. To #LiveKinder. Kinder in what we eat, what we wear and how we treat the world. Small actions can have a big impact. Swapping your beef burger for a plant-based alternative, walking to work instead of driving or even stopping buying fast fashion can all make a big impact. 

Collectively, we have the power to protect animals and the planet, but we need to #LiveKinder now. 

Animal Charity

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A Word From Our Director

Reflecting on Fifteen Years of FOUR PAWS UK

Looking Forward to the Future

What's next for FOUR PAWS UK?

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