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We’re going to use fifteen years of experience to ensure the future is bigger, better, and brighter for animals worldwide. 


If you’re a recent follower, or if you’ve been with us since the start, you’ll know that we’ve recently been celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. For a decade and a half, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need, and protects them. We couldn’t have done it without your support.  

Now, the future calls and we all have a role to play in it. 

Making positive choices in the here and now is the best way to make sure that up and coming here and now's are made up of more of the good, and less of the bad. This is why we’ve brought our future vision into focus:  

Creating a #LiveKinder Future for… 

Farm Animals

We’re taking on the challenge to reduce global production and consumption of animal products, with a target of 50% reduction in meat consumption by 2030. Further to this, the remaining 50% should come from the highest welfare standard sources only.  

We are also working to end all agricultural subsidies that harm animals and the environment. This includes factory farming, cage keeping of farm animals, and supporting higher welfare farmers and production systems. Alongside this, we’re also working to create a #FurFreeBritain and stop the cruelty of the fur trade entering the UK. To do this, we need to change how we see farm animals. Unfortunately, they have been normalised as stock, food, or fashion. But, they are so much more. You can find out what we’re doing for farm animals, here.

Wild Animals

Unfortunately, wild animals across the world are stripped of their freedoms and exploited for entertainment, tourism, as pets, or medicines. The beauty of these animals is their exoticism, allure, and independence. It is our goal to ensure that this beauty survives well into the future and that wild animals stay just that: wild. 

This is why we’re working to ban the trade of wild animals for private keeping, human consumption, and use in traditional medicines. We are currently campaigning to end the tiger trade, trophy hunting, and more. The best way to experience wild animals is to see them in the wild, not on a wall, or as the sum of their parts. You can find out what we are doing for wild animals, here.

Companion Animals

One thing that hasn’t changed in the past fifteen years is our bond with our pets, otherwise knowns as companion animals. In fact, this seems to have strengthened considering the recent pandemic. This is why we’ve made it a focus of ours in recent years, most notably to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. Millions of dogs and cats are killed every year as part of this trade, many of them being loved pets that have been stolen from their families.

We’re also working to help pets right here at home too but working to trace the illegal puppy trade and put an end to the suffering it brings. We’re working on this through several channels, the most recent being through our online reporting tool. If you feel you’ve been a victim of the illegal puppy trade, let us know.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating fifteen years of FOUR PAWS UK. Today, we’re inviting you to join us for the next fifteen years. Are you in? 

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Aaron Lax

Digital Communications Officer

Aaron works as part of the communications team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting the social media, SEO, and digital content mediums to spread the message of animal welfare far and wide.

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