Rescue dog Veronica suffered from a severe skin infection

Mar 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Veronica

Suffering from a severe skin disease and starvation, she was a sad sight and needed urgent help


Veronica was a stray, shy dog living deep in the jungle in a remote part of Central Thailand. 

Our Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Programme helps bring care to strays in this area of the country where otherwise there is nothing for strays, to address the incredible suffering. Our team was actually busy doing a mobile sterilisation clinic in a remote village when we spotted poor Veronica. Emaciated and hairless, she was suffering from a severe skin disease, untreated infections, and sheer starvation. She was extremely scared and ran away whenever we tried to approach her. She had never had love or human attention before, and was probably born in the jungle.

Together with our partner Headrock Dogs Rescue, we treated her on-site for her severe skin disease, and started her on antibiotics. We also enrolled her in our feeding program, to provide her with a special diet to improve her body condition. 

Week by week, Veronica got stronger, and by week four her hair almost completely re-grew. She still requires ongoing care however to ensure that her mange is completely cured. Given her dramatic improvement already, Veronica was adopted by a nearby lady who cares for other dogs in the area. Our team is continuing to follow-up with Veronica and her owner to ensure she is receiving her daily medications and special diet.

Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Programme

The FOUR PAWS Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Programme, together with local charity Headrock Dogs Rescue, treats some of Thailand's neediest animals. We operate a feeding program for thousands of strays living at temples, provide free sterilisation, and rescue services. 

This rescue is part of our Saving Thailand’s Forgotten Dogs Programme.

Update March 2021

Thanks to the cooperative project between FOUR PAWS and Headrock dogs, the lives of the people and animals in these communities have drastically improved. As a result of our training and support, Headrock is now confidently continuing their efforts to provide high quality spay neuter services, lifesaving emergency response and community education and outreach year round.

As the cooperation with FOUR PAWS has drawn to a close, we are happy and proud to have lent our support and expertise to this committed and hard-working group and feel certain that the future is bright for Bang Saphan's dogs.

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