Cat Mina

Jul 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Cat Mina

Blind cat eluded cat thieves and stumbled her way to safety


Mina was found at one of the project Buddhist pagodas (temples) as part of our FOUR PAWS Saving Pagoda Animals program. Our team was at this pagoda for the first time to work with the monks to collect animals for free spay/neuter surgery and do on-site education on animal welfare. 

When our outreach coordinator showed up at the temple, he opened a can of yummy (and smelly) cat food to encourage the cats to come.  All came running straight to him, except for one cat, who was wandering aimlessly in the other direction, unable to make her way to the yummy food. 

Our outreach coordinator quickly walked to her to see if she was okay. He was shocked to discover that she was missing both of her eyes, rendering her completely blind. After speaking to the resident monks at the pagoda, they explained that she had been that way for some time, and nobody really knew the source of her injury. She was probably dumped at the pagoda after suffering from a severe eye infection or birth defect when she was a kitten. The head monk also noted that cat thieves frequently visited his pagoda, rounding up cats for the cat meat trade, and he was surprised that Mina hadn’t been stolen.

Mina had a fighting spirit. Given her disability, it was amazing that she was able to survive, despite not being able to see. Our team kindly asked the monk if we would able to take Mina and try to find her a loving, forever home, which was met with approval and thanks from the monks. They knew that a blind cat would have a much harder life in a busy temple, and was at high risk of being stolen for the cruel cat meat trade. 

Once back at our partner facility - Animal Rescue Cambodia rescue center, she was checked by the vet team and found to be underweight, but otherwise in fairly good condition – she was sterilised, dewormed, and vaccinated, and is now in a foster home while she waits to find the perfect person to adopt her. She is really loving and affectionate and has adapted remarkably well to her new lifestyle.

Mina is currently at a loving foster home awaiting adoption.

"Its remarkable Mina was able to survive despite having no eyes. Life in pagodas is really tough for most animals, with limited food, medical care, and rampant theft for the dog and cat meat trade."

FOUR PAWS Head of Stray Animal Care - Southeast Asia

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