Brumca at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

Jun 1998


Rescue Bear Brumca

She is a unique bear lady, who loves pasta and Chanel Nº 5


Brumca was born in 1992 in a Slovakian zoo. At the age of just a few weeks, she was separated from her mother and sold to business people, who in turn gave them to an Austrian businessman. But the cute little bear girl soon grew and became an uncomfortable burden for her owner. He locked Brumca in a 35 square meter shed where she was lonely and bored. After a bankruptcy procedure, Brumca was finally rescued by FOUR PAWS and transferred to BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach. 

Since her arrival at the sanctuary in 1998, she has been living a healthy and a peaceful life. Some years ago, during an examination it was detected that she has arthritis, but that’s not a surprise considering her age. Currently she is not under any medications, the only thing she gets is Collagile (collagen peptides) in order to support her joints and beer yeast, which is recommended for digestion from our vets for all older bears. Apart from that, Brumca’s health condition is good, and she is very active.

What makes Brumca a speacial bear?

She is a very curious bear. Brumca likes ‘controlling’ everything that’s going on around her, for instance, if her caretakers have hidden the food at the right place or checking what is going on at the parking lot that is nearby her enclosure.

Brumca is definitely a bear that likes to spend time only in her own enclosure. Even when the team on-site has to put her temporarily in another enclosure (until they hide the food or clean the space) she doesn’t search for treats like other bears do, until she is back in her own enclosure unless there is some dried fish hidden, that’s an exception. 

Fun fact: 

Brumca likes to roll in sawdust sprinkled with perfume. The on-site team received perfume donations, including Chanel Nº 5, because our community got to know her preferences for perfume!

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Brumca likes her enrichment that her caretakers prepare for her, but if there is a new one, she sometimes likes to masticate them into pieces. Her favourite ones are those containing pasta inside. She loves pasta. But of course, she is allowed only a certain amount. When it comes to food, she changes her preferences from time to time, but she likes very much grapes and pasta.

The way she reacts she tells her caretakers where she wants her food to be hidden and what kind of food is preferred for the moment!

After finishing her meals Brumca usually likes to rest, have a nap or just chill under the shades of the trees. Sometimes Brumca’s way of relaxing, reminds us of Buddha, no other bear at the sanctuary sits like that!

During summer, her favourite spot for relaxation is under the trees, and she is rarely seen bathing in the pond. In winter, Brumca hibernates every year peacefully.

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Brumca at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

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