Bear Soi

Oct 2022

Ninh Binh

Rescue Bear Soi

A fresh start for the young bear after being kept in a tiny cage


Bear Soi was just a small cub, when he fell victim to illegal private keeping. He was locked in a concrete cage when he was weighing 7 kilograms only – a life of misery began.

Poor Soi had to spend his days in horrible conditions, far away from a species-appropriate life. In the back yard of a house, he was kept in a tiny cage, smaller than the size of a car. Alone behind metal bars, with no enrichment in an environment utterly unsuitable for a bear, Soi couldn't follow any natural instincts.

No more suffering

After the owner had agreed to hand Soi over to the authorities, FOUR PAWS was asked to rescue the bear. On October 27th, our experienced team was able to finally put an end to Soi's suffering and successfully freed him from his metal cage.

A surprising discovery

A first veterinary check revealed an unexpected discovery: Although we were informed that Soi was kept for around 17 years by his owner, the onsite team found out that Soi is a lot younger than this!

Luckily, the young bear's health is generally good. Like many other rescued bears, he does have some dental issues, probably the result from desperately biting the metal bars of his cage. In the following weeks Soi will receive all necessary health care treatment.

Transfer to a life in freedom

After the vet check, the team started their journey from Son La province to BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh where they arrived after a six-hour-ride. The rescue mission went very smoothly and now Soi is settling into his new home. Soon, he will finally feel the sun on his skin, roam around in the huge species-appropriate enclosures and just live the life he deserves.

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