Dog Moo

Jun 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Moo

FOUR PAWS was able to turn his life around


At only 4 months old, Moo was discovered left tethered outside to a pole in the hot sun, in Central Vietnam. He was covered in painful, blistering sores. Moo suffered from a severe mange infection that left him itchy, hairless, and swollen. Moo's mange was so bad that his eyes were swollen shut, making him completely blind. 

In Moo's case, the reason he was tied to the pole is simple: His owner no longer wanted him because of his terrible appearance. This attitude is unfortunately not uncommon throughout Southeast Asia, where medical care is poor, and responsible pet ownership is lacking. Luckily for Moo, a local Vietnamese girl saw him whining and whimpering in the unrelenting heat and immediately called our outreach team. 

Moo's recovery will be a slow and intensive one, but he has already shown tremendous progress within just two weeks. He will require daily medical treatment, including medicated baths, anti-mite medication, and antibiotics for his skin conditions - as well as plenty of cuddles. Despite his pain, Moo has shown us nothing but love in the form of licks and tail wags.  

Once he is healthy enough, we shall find him his new forever home. Your donation will help cover medical treatment for his eyes and skin, and provide Moo and other dogs like him with food and shelter as he recovers. 

Update 23. July 2019

Thankfully, his treatments worked, and the playful puppy is barely recognisable. His fur has grown back, and so has his zest for life! Moo is getting more playful by the day, and he will hopefully find a loving forever family soon.

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Update: May 2021

After recovering from his ordeal, Moo found a wonderful new home! This sweet dog is so loved by his new owners and has flourished into a happy and healthy dog. He will never have to think about the suffering and neglect he went through again.

What we do?

FOUR PAWS operates a stray animal care program in Central Vietnam with local charities PAWS for Compassion and Vietnam Cat Welfare to help change attitudes towards animals, and provide emergency rescue and medical services. We provide ongoing educational workshops at local schools, free spay/neuter clinics, and improve awareness of the dog and cat meat trade, which is rife in Vietnam. Our outreach team responds to calls daily regarding animals stolen for the dog meat trade and cases of neglect.

Dog Moo

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