Rescue dog Mia - 3 months old

Apr 2021

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Mia

A sweet and gentle soul – hit by a car and left to die


In May 2019, a young and injured dog was found by a community of Roma. They contacted our Stray Animal Care team in Romania and asked for help, our team set out on the journey immediately.

We were impressed by the response of the Roma community: everyone was very worried and wanted assurances that Mia will receive emergency aid. They were witnesses as the dog was hit by a car, the driver didn't care about the little victim he left her behind and just drove off.

The little female dog, approximate 3 months old, was obviously in pain. Her front paw was bent, open and full of blood. We could see that she was very scared, but she trusted us and did not attempt to bite.

Our team rushed back to the clinic, where she underwent emergency surgery and received antibiotics, pain killers and anti-inflammatory. Mia is a gentle and docile soul, and we hope she will get well soon. She will get further treatment: deworming and flea control, vaccinations and we will try to find a good family for her.

 Until then: She stays in our partner shelter Speranta in Bucharest.

Update 12.02.2020

Mia is an energetic, lively dog. The only moments when she is not 'joking around' is when she sleeps. Otherwise, if she could play without stopping, she would! She is extremely friendly with other dogs and challenges everyone to play. Although Mia only has three legs, when it comes to football she is always the winner!

Watch the video and see her incredible transformation

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Dog Mia is just one example of the many injured stray animals FOUR PAWS helps. 

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