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How to transition away from mulesing lambs wool

A helpful guide for fashion brands and retailers looking to make the switch to sheep-friendly materials


Brands and retailers have the power to influence the Australian wool industry and ensure better animal welfare is at the top of the agenda. With the right information at hand, brands and retailers can take proactive steps to avoid mulesed sheep wool and effectively communicate a stance towards animal protection to consumers.

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FOUR PAWS has developed this guide to assist brands and retailers like yours, because you are a crucial part of the solution to transitioning towards an industry that better values the wellbeing of animals. Alongside information about mulesed-free wool assurance initiatives, you’ll be introduced to fellow brands and producers who have started the journey away from mulesed wool.

To develop this guide, FOUR PAWS consulted with fashion brands, Australian wool producers and sheep breeders, active members of the animal welfare and agricultural scientific community, the wool and sheep industry including Australian Wool Innovation and Woolmark, International Wool Trade Organistion (IWTO), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organistion (CSIRO), and several animal protection organisations.

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In our guide, you will find an extensive overview of the most common verification schemes to exclude muelsed wool.

Read the entire guide to learn how to go mulesing-free:

Transitioning away from mulesed sheep wool

Transitioning away from mulesed sheep wool

A guide for brands and retailers on why and how

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