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12 Tips for a successful Home Office Day

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All over the world, many employees have been sent to their home offices by their employers to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the FOUR PAWS team are also working from home.

Now many people in the home office are asking the same questions:

  • How do I structure the working day correctly?
  • How do I balance household and work?
  • How do I avoid the storage pantry?

Our team has collected a few tips that will surely help you to work more effectively and relaxed:

1. Don't work from bed

And not on the couch either. Of course it is comfortable and cozy. But our brain loves routines. So get out of bed and off to the office. Even if it is only at the other end of the hallway or in the room opposite.

2. Get out of your pajamas

You've already made it out of bed. Then it is no longer that difficult to put on a slightly 'more official' outfit. Particularly advisable if you also have to make video calls. And yes, officially this applies to the upper body as well as the bottom.

3. The work doesn't run away while you watch the sunrise

But the sunrise doesn't wait until you have logged in and checked the first emails. So out in the garden or on the balcony or at least at the window and enjoy the first rays of sun.

4. Before the first coffee: shut up

Enjoy your breakfast coffee or tea and your breakfast in peace and not while you are checking the first messages and tasks. Do not deal with work tasks or with COVID-19. Relax, the day will be hectic enough.

5. Food and drinks

Make sure you drink enough fluids, and changes the diet a little. More vitamins, less carbohydrates. You can find suggestions for delicious dishes and snacks in our recipes.

6. Let the sun into your heart

Natural light makes you more productive. So curtains up and blinds up and let in as much daylight as possible. In between, your brain is happy about fresh air and additional oxygen.

7. Try cosiness

Keep it like bear Balu from the Jungle Book - because it doesn't change anything, if you are stressed and restless. Start your tasks with calm and plan.

8. Make sure you take enough breaks

And also spend them in the fresh air. Take a lap around the house and switch off. Body and brain need this time out. If you find it particularly difficult to switch off, you can distract yourself with a few funny animal videos.

9. Lunch break lonely together

If you don't want to have your lunch alone, then arrange a lunch with your colleagues via Skype or Google Hangouts. You can also come up with other thoughts and chat about everything. Such video calls are not only useful for lunch. Make an appointment as a team for a daily update call in which you discuss what you have done, shows how the office dogs are and can talk shop about the latest films at your video on-demand provider.

10. Take care of your body

With home office, the movement drops significantly. The walk to the coffee machine is getting shorter, you don't even have to get up to go to the neighboring office and the meeting room is not one floor below. It is therefore important that you look for the most comfortable chair and do stretching exercises again and again. You can also do a video conference while standing.

11. Celebrate the end of the working day

Usually you celebrate inside when you close the laptop and leave the office. This is not so easy now. Therefore, celebrate the end of the day accordingly. Switch off your computer and leave it until the next working day.

12. Out of sight, out of mind

Clear the work materials after you 'leave work'. It's best to go where you don't see them: in a drawer or a box. The technical devices are also safe in the event that a glass of wine or coffee cup tips you over in the evening. Your IT team will thank you.

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