FOUR PAWS UK is delighted to announce the sustainable British knitwear brand Yan Tan as the newest addition to the Fur Free Retailer programme


Using only British wool, Yan Tan was set up by friends 1.5 years ago. Whilst their roots go back to the Yorkshire Dales, the brand is now shaking up the knitwear industry to show how important sustainability is and how easy it is to show their customers exactly where the wool in their new hat came from.

Yan Tan is in excellent company as over 1,500 brands are part of the growing Fur Free Retailer programme which spans 25 countries and is responsible for connecting fur-free businesses to consumers seeking ethical goods. In the UK, the programme is managed by Respect for Animals, who alongside FOUR PAWS UK are two of the 50 animal protection organisations within the Fur Free Alliance working to end the breeding and killing of animals for their fur.

FOUR PAWS UK Head of Campaigns Emily Wilson says of the news: “We are so proud that another British brand is joining the Fur Free Retailer programme. Yan Tan is a brilliant example of how a brand can lead the way in showing more compassion in fashion. The growing number of brands joining the programme also shows how the future of fashion can be so much more sustainable and animal-friendly.”

Yan Tan joins Fur Free Retailer

Yan Tan says: “The shift in our societal and cultural concerns go hand in hand with our industry’s shift towards fur free fashion. It is important for brands to move with this shift and stand against animal cruelty. Yan Tan is committed to animal welfare, ensuring the highest quality of life for our sheep and in turn, high quality and resilient British wool products. Our sheep history and the stories we tell, and the future of British wool really does depend on how our customer chooses to shop and the welfare of our animals. Our business is therefore built to move along and mature with our environmental and sustainable advances to ensure authenticity and reliability is sustained. Through this commitment, we are proud to be a fur free retailer. We aim to play a proactive and immersive role in ensuring the welfare of our animals, workers and supply chain, are upheld to a high, ethical standard.”

Earlier this month FOUR PAWS UK co-hosted a Parliamentary event in which it not only launched a brand new report highlighting the realities of the fur trade but also the UK’s role in propping up this cruel trade. Whilst two decades have passed since the UK banned fur farming, it still imports and sells fur items. With substantial cross-party political support in favour of a ban on the import and sale of fur and over 77% of the British public FOUR PAWS UK is calling for 2023 to be the year we finally become a #FurFreeBritain.

Sign the petition calling for a ban on the import and sale of fur in the UK here.

Head of Communications UK: Hannah Baker

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