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In the coming days, global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS will rescue four tigers from 15 years of isolation


7th March 2022 – The international rescue will free the 18-year-old male, 15-year-old female and their two 10-year-old offspring, from their confines in San Luis in Argentina and relocate them to FOUR PAWS’ species-appropriate big cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa.   

In 2007 two tigers were temporarily left in the care of a local landowner. But the owner never returned.   

The private keeping of wild animals is illegal in Argentina. Therefore, the landowner, who cared for the tigers to the best of his knowledge, did not inform the authorities immediately.  

As soon as FOUR PAWS learned about the case, they offered their support and expertise in wild animal rescues and relocations. Now the team has been invited to San Luis, in the Northwest of Argentina, by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. 

“The train carriage was filthy with excrement and leftover meat and bones. Tigers need to move, run, play, and bathe. None of this has been possible for most of their lives and has undoubtedly affected their mental and physical wellbeing.  


“Being locked in a 75m² train carriage and pacing back and forth for 15 years is not a tiger-worthy life. 


“We have a window of opportunity now to rescue them, and we will.” 

Dr Amir Khalil, FOUR PAWS Veterinarian

LIONSROCK: A home for over 100 rescued big cats in South Africa  

LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary is one of eleven wild animal sanctuaries established by FOUR PAWS. Situated near Bethlehem, South Africa, it is home to over 100 animals, most of which are big cats rescued by FOUR PAWS from war-ravaged zoos, circuses, private ownership, and the canned hunting industry. The sanctuary provides a species-appropriate, lifelong home for mistreated big cats who are not able to be released back into the wild.   

The habitat offers highest standards including large areas for family groups, facilitation of natural behavior through enrichment and highest standards of medical care as well as highest security standards of enclosures.   

At LIONSROCK, these tigers will finally experience the free and rich life they have missed out on for 15 long years. 

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