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Trophy Hunting (Import Prohibition) Bill left limping through Parliament

FOUR PAWS UK reacts to Committee Stage of vital Bill 


“Frustratingly, despite backing from the Government, and from Peers and elected MPs from all political parties, who reflect the overwhelming support of the voting public, the Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill has been held up during the Committee Stage in the House of Lords.


The purposeful filibustering by a handful of backbencher Peers means that time is running out to discuss the Bill and their myriad of 64 tabled amendments. This is a wasteful course of action, wilfully taken to try to stop the Bill from becoming law.


If this small minority succeeds, not only will they thwart the wishes of Parliament, but this will impact at-risk and endangered animals around the world and wear thin the patience of the British public who have tirelessly demanded an end to the UK import of hunting trophies.


We urge the Government to immediately make more time for the Bill and to continue pushing it through; they have the will of the nation and Parliament behind them.”

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, Country Director at FOUR PAWS UK

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