New FOUR PAWS report reveals supermarkets in the UK lack meat reduction strategies 

Earlier this year global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS assessed and scored 38 leading supermarkets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH countries) and the UK with regards to their meat reduction goals


Ahead of COP27 (6-18th November in Egypt), FOUR PAWS is publishing the latest summary report, as part of its ‘Atlas Challenge’ ranking. The report shows that while some food retailers have already expanded their plant-based product range, no one has yet committed to a binding meat and dairy reduction. 

38 supermarket chains were assessed, and the main findings are sobering. None secured a ‘Very Good’ ranking; however, Lidl (DE) came out on top with Lidl (AT) coming in second within the ‘Good’ category.  

Sadly for the UK though, only two out of ten supermarkets took part and neither secured ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ rankings. 

Although 50% of the companies have alluded to plans to increase their plant-based offerings in the future, none of them have a concrete meat or dairy reduction strategy in place. The report, quite clearly, found that most retailers do not actively support a ban of cheap meat promotion.  

You can find the full report here

“It is not sustainable to put the pressure for change on consumers or farmers alone.  

“We are seeing an increase of plant-based products being introduced and expanded by supermarkets, but they also have a responsibility to set clear targets to reduce factory farmed meat and dairy offerings to help mitigate climate change and future pandemics.” 

Sonja Svensek, Head of Nutrition at FOUR PAWS

Between a quarter and a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions results from food and agriculture – the majority from the livestock sector alone and FOUR PAWS calls, once more, for an overall reduction of farmed animals, a transition to more plant-based proteins and an end to factory farming. 

“Supermarkets are enabling a significant overconsumption of meat and are powerful influencers contributing to the over-production of animal-derived products. The solution is as clear as the argument in favour of it: Food retailers need to acknowledge their strong influence on the overproduction of animal products and set clear reduction strategies.”   

Sonja Svensek, Head of Nutrition at FOUR PAWS

Worldwide, meat and dairy production provides just 18% of calories consumed but uses 83 per cent of global farmland and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from animal agriculture are twice those from plant-based diets. 

FOUR PAWS will be present at the upcoming COP27 Climate Change Conference where we will be highlighting the connection between factory farming and climate change to further address the many shortcomings the food industry must still overcome to efficiently contribute to worldwide animal and climate protection goals. 

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