The Livestock Exports Bill is moving closer to becoming law

FOUR PAWS responds to the news that the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill has completed its Committee Stage in the House of Lords


FOUR PAWS UK is thrilled that this important legislation has cleared another step in the process to becoming law. By completing its Committee Stage in the House of Lords so swiftly today, Parliament has sent a strong signal that the UK is committed to taking a lead on the world stage for animal welfare. 

For too long, cattle and sheep have faced horrific journeys from British ports, where they are held in small cages, crammed full, with little space to sit, stand or lie down. Often surrounded by their own excrement, animals are then shipped or taken by road for many thousands of miles, where they are slaughtered on arrival, or fattened ready for slaughter. This is as unethical as it is unnecessary and puts animals at real risk of extreme suffering and distress.  

Enough is enough, and we are delighted that Parliament agrees with us that this barbaric practice must stop. We hope the Bill now moves quickly through the remaining parliamentary stages and can become law as quickly as possible. Animals cannot wait.

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, Country Director, FOUR PAWS UK

Kim Manning-Cooper

Head of Communications UK

07500 583565

7 - 14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR


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