Livestock Exports Act is now law

FOUR PAWS UK responds to the news that the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Act has become law


FOUR PAWS UK is thrilled that this important legislation has today received Royal Assent and become law. This landmark victory for farmed animals is the result of many years hard work across the animal welfare sector, with support from our unwavering and compassionate nation of animal lovers who protested, spoke up, and stood firm and united to end cruel live exports.

This Act means that animals across the country are now protected from the brutality of the live export trade, and that we will never again witness the horrendous scenes of scared, wide-eyed animals being transported to their death, cooped up in barbaric conditions awaiting slaughter.  

We wholeheartedly congratulate the Government and urge them to encourage their global counterparts around the world to follow their lead, so that more countries can join us in ending this brutal practice once and for all.

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, Country Director, FOUR PAWS UK

Kim Manning-Cooper

Head of Communications UK

07500 583565

7 - 14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR


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