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Animal Welfare (Livestock Export) Bill passes Second Reading in House of Lords

Country Director Sonul Badiani-Hamment responds to the latest Livestock Export Bill news


Last night, an important Bill which will ban the export of live animals from Great Britain has taken another important step forward and is now close to becoming law. By ensuring that the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill has cleared another stage in the House of Lords, parliamentarians across Westminster have sent a strong message that the UK is committed to taking a lead on the world stage for animal welfare. 

While there has been a de facto moratorium on the export of live animals from British ports since 2016, the risk of this barbaric practice re starting at any time has been a constant cause for concern. Without a legislative solution, animals face the horrifying prospect of being crammed into small cages, with little space to sit, stand or lie down, and surrounded by their own excrement. They are then transported thousands of miles by road or sea, where they are slaughtered on arrival, or fattened ready for slaughter. 

This practice is unnecessary and unconscionable. It puts animals at real risk of extreme suffering and distress and must stop. We are delighted to see Peers moving to swiftly agree this

legislation, and we are hopeful that it will soon complete the remaining parliamentary processes and become law as quickly as possible. 

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, Country Director, FOUR PAWS UK 

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