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High End Parisian Designer Goes Fur Free

FOUR PAWS helps design ba&sh animal welfare policy


London, 21st June 2023 – Designer Parisian clothing brand, ba&sh, have announced that it has joined the Fur Free Retailer initiative, committing not to use and market animal fur in its designs.

More than 1,500 brands worldwide have renounced fur fashion and joined the international Fur Free Retailer programme.

FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organistion, who have helped develope ba&sh´s animal welfare policy said that this was another “step in the right direction” for ending the fur trade once and for all.

“FOUR PAWS has worked hand in hand with ba&sh to develop its animal welfare policy, which has now been endorsed by the Fur Free Retailer programme. Animal rights and welfare are demanding and ongoing battles that require a strong commitment from companies, and we're thrilled to see that ba&sh has joined the legion of fashion brands saying that the fur trade does not belong in a modern society.”

Jessica Medcalf, Animal Welfare and Textiles Programme Manager at FOUR PAWS

Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, CEO of ba&sh: “From removing fur from our collections in 2019 and banning mulesing to setting ourselves the goal of sourcing 100% of our wool from supply chains with certified animal welfare standards, ba&sh has demonstrated its commitment to prioritising the comfort and well-being of animals. Today, we are honoured to become a “Fur Free Retailer”, an achievement that motivates us to persevere with our work to promote animal welfare alongside our partners One Voice and FOUR PAWS.”

Joh Vinding, Chairperson of the Board of the Fur Free Alliance: ”The Fur Free Alliance is delighted that ba&sh, a French company that has already adopted an ethical business approach, has confirmed this commitment through recognition by the Fur Free Retailer programme, supported by our international coalition to stop the production and sale of fur worldwide.”

Muriel Arnal, president of One Voice: “As the representative of the Fur Free Alliance in France, One Voice is thrilled to welcome ba&sh to the cause. The brand thoroughly deserves to join the Fur Free Retailer programme and we are proud to see that our fight for more ethical fashion and the end of fur is making progress in France and around the world!“  

Last week saw the Fur Free Europe European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which aims to achieve an EU-wide ban on keeping and killing of animals for the sole purpose of fur production, officially surpass the one million validated signatures that are requirement for a potential law change.

Earlier this year, thirty-eight major apparel brands, including ba&sh, Hugo Boss, OVS and Marc Cain, wrote to the European Commission to support the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) Fur Free Europe which highlights the need for an EU-wide ban on fur farming and a ban on the import of farmed fur products into the European market.

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More than 1.5 million EU citizens ask for a Fur Free Europe!

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