FOUR PAWS launches free online animal rescue centre training programme

FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organisation, has launched one of the first ever online training courses for animal rescue centres around the world


London, 15th November 2022 – Developed by experts in the fields of animal welfare, dog behaviour, training, and education specialists, the “Shelter Adoption Academy” offers knowledge to support a range of practical skills that will help rescue centre staff and volunteers overcome the most common obstacles to adoption and increase the number of their animals finding new forever homes. 

This programme comes at a time where rescue centres across the world are seeing a rise in the number of pets coming through their doors. Reasons behind the animals being handed over vary from economic factors, including the wake of the global pandemic, to the war in Ukraine. A global cost-of-living crisis and rise in energy prices, has meant thousands of pets have become too expensive to care for, meaning they are often heart-breakingly relinquished to rescue centres. 

“In the UK, pet food has already risen in price by over 8% and large numbers of animals are being handed over to rescue centres. Sadly, though that means those centres are now becoming overcrowded and struggling with the influx of animals. 

Rescue centres offer a great resource for those unable to continue caring for their pet for whatever reason, but they are not a permanent home, so this course comes at a pivotal time. We hope that the Shelter Adoption Academy offers a valuable resource to support staff in helping every animal find their forever home.” 

Emily Wilson, Head of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS UK

Its global release follows a successful pilot with a public dog shelter in Ukraine which resulted in a 70% increase in pets being adopted. 

At present, the UK is home to around 1000 rescue centres, which see an estimated 2.7 million animals come through their doors each year. 

Companion animals find themselves at shelters for a plethora of reasons and through no fault of their own, confused, scared and alone. This training course supports already knowledgeable staff in caring for them during this time and ensuring they can match families with the perfect dog for their way of living. 

“This Christmas, we urge people not to purchase a new pet, but instead, visit their local rescue centres to find a furry friend who will fit their lifestyle.  

With this new training programme, and more families considering adoption, we hope the pressure can be removed from these important centres and many more animals will find their forever homes.” 

Emily Wilson, Head of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS UK

The Shelter Adoption Academy will be available online in November 2022 in English and in Ukrainian.

Head of Communications UK: Hannah Baker

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