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Tom Grennan, Mayim Bialik and Sharon Osbourne joined FOUR PAWS to speak out against the dog and cat meat trade 


London 12th April - For many, every day is pet day but on April 11th Tom Grennan, Mayim Bialik and Sharon Osbourne joined global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS to share their love for their four-legged friends and highlight the cruel fate awaiting some pets on the other side of the world.  

Millions of cats and dogs are victims of the dog and cat meat trade across Southeast Asia. Many of these are stolen pets. Taken from loving families, the pets then face a horrific journey that involves unacceptable levels of cruelty and suffering.  

“Marmite is my world. 

“I couldn’t imagine him being stolen, let alone if the was taken to be killed for the dog meat trade. But this is the daily threat facing pets in Southeast Asia. 

“I’m joining FOUR PAWS in speaking out to protect millions of dogs and cats and hopefully take a step closer to ending this cruel trade once and for all.” 

Tom Grennan

"Over nine million dogs and a million cats are captured, tortured and killed every year in Southeast Asia for the dog and cat meat trade.   
“These shocking figures and the unacceptable cruelty make it one of the most pressing companion animal concerns of our time. 

“We have already seen numerous provinces and cities across Southeast Asia introduce legislation to prohibit the trade, but until it is completely eradicated millions of loved family animals are at risk.
“This National Pet Day we’re calling for an end to the dog and cat meat trade, as together we can be a louder, stronger voice to end the cruelty.” 

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, UK Country Director, FOUR PAWS UK

To date the following successes have been achieved across Southeast Asia: 

  • Established Siem Reap as the first province in Cambodia to ban the dog and cat meat trade, which led to the first government-led interception (supported by FOUR PAWS) to stop dogs taken to slaughter. 
  • Established Hoi An as the first city in Vietnam to end the dog and cat meat trade in December 2021. 
  • Campaigned in partnership with the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition, to establish Semarang as the first capital city of the Central Java Province and the fifth region in Indonesia to ban the dog and cat meat trade
  • Shut down four slaughterhouses across Cambodia and Vietnam, rescuing the animals on-site and adopting them to loving families in Cambodia, Vietnam and the USA. 
  • Four more regencies in Central Java (Brebes, Blora, Semarang and Purbalingga), Indonesia have announced their commitment to ban the dog meat trade
  • Secured over 1.5 million signatures worldwide (including from hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Indonesians) to end the dog and cat meat trade across Southeast Asia  


To show your support sign the petition here and help us protect millions of dogs and cats from untold suffering and cruelty.  

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