COP27: Art and Animal Welfare collide for UN Climate Conference

FOUR PAWS creates one of the world’s largest 3D banners to address the urgent need for climate action and an end to factory farming


London 4th November 2022– Ahead of the United Nations climate conference (COP27) starting on Sunday (6th November), FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organisation teamed up with world-acclaimed street artist, Gregor Wosik in Berlin to produce one of the world’s largest 3D street art banners. The unique graphic highlighted animal suffering in factory farms and its devastating impacts on the climate crisis. 

The optical illusion offers a choice between a utopian or dystopian world depending on how we treat the planet. 

"The painting highlights the need for animal welfare to be at the very heart of tackling the climate crisis.” “Without addressing food systems at UN level, the global climate goals as set out in the Paris Agreement will not be achieved. We therefore call on UN member states to move away from resource-intensive and harmful livestock systems and to accelerate this as part of their climate policies.”  

Dr. Martina Stephany, FOUR PAWS Director Farm Animals and Nutrition

This week, countries will have the opportunity to unite and show progress on their pledges to deliver the objectives of the Paris Agreement

Amongst them were pledges to halt deforestation and cut methane emissions. With 80% of deforestation associated with agriculture, and 40% of methane emissions coming from agriculture, these pledges are intrinsically linked to animal welfare and a reduction in intensive farming and meat consumption. 

Previously food systems have been historically underrepresented at the Conference of Parties (COP) and instead the focus has been on coal and cars.  

But to make a significant change FOUR PAWS believes that Governments must align their food and farming policies with their climate, development, and other international commitments. They must also support the transition to more sustainable food systems and bring livestock numbers down. 

Whilst at COP27, FOUR PAWS will be co-hosting a first-of-its-kind pavilion with Food4Climate where delegates and observers can drop in to speak with hosts or attend panels. This is the first time a pavilion dedicated to food systems has been held at a UNFCCC COP (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Conference of the Parties).  

“Animal agriculture is the second-highest source of global greenhouse gas emissions, with an estimated 80 billion farmed animals worldwide are slaughtered for human consumption every year. Factory farming and our excessive consumption of meat and dairy are the key driving factors. Governments must address these route causes with immediate effect.” 

Dr. Martina Stephany, FOUR PAWS Director Farm Animals and Nutrition

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