WHAT A COP OUT! COP27 Still doesn’t address the glaring problem of flawed food systems needed to avert climate crisis

Global governments have still not addressed the problem at the heart of the climate emergency


London 21st November – Despite the introduction of the landmark Loss and Damage fund, global governments at COP27 “have still not addressed the glaring problem” at the heart of the climate emergency - the connection between unsustainable food systems and the environment.

The historic agreement to set up a Loss and Damage fund, is a welcome development which will go a long way in addressing the financial discrepancies faced in developing countries. But, without addressing food systems at the UN level, there is an increased concern that global climate targets such as those set out in the Paris Agreement, will not be met.

At this year’s COP summit, FOUR PAWS hosted the first-ever pavilion dedicated to food systems. Alongside 15 other partners from around the world, the pavilion outlined the need for instant and concrete changes in our food systems and consumption. Despite Parties at the UN climate conference recognising the need to transition to more sustainable consumption patterns though, once again member states failed come together to put food systems, which account for one third of all greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, as the major priority to tackle the climate emergency. 

“We need a fundamental system change in our food production cycles. Only a global transition towards more plant-based protein sources can sustainably lower emissions in the long term without threatening food security.  

It is imperative we shift to more plant-based diets, as we simply cannot tackle the escalating rise we are seeing in temperatures across the world.

Humans represent 0.01% of all life on earth, yet our actions control the other 99.99%. As time goes on, we continue to see a lack of leadership and political will on the most important issue that we all face. Sadly, time is no longer on our side, and this is the one race none of us can afford to lose.” 

Josef Pfabigan, FOUR PAWS CEO

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