2023: The year in review at FOUR PAWS UK 

It has been a big year for us at FOUR PAWS UK with some incredible wins for animal welfare fueling us along whilst we campaigned and rescued our way through the seasons


In this blog, we take a look back across the past 12 months, discover the highs, the lows and where these have brought us on our mission for a fairer future for animals, and just how much YOU have helped make it happen.  

2023 successes for animals

Together with HSI/UKwe hosted a Parliamentary reception calling for a #FurFreeBritain with support from big names like Pete Wicks and Ricky Gervais. We also launched our new report - The frightening reality of the fur industry


We hit TV screens when Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick took a trip to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary as part of a one-off special called Supervet: Safari Special. Here he was able to treat some of our iconic residents.  


In response to the terrible floods which impacted Türkiye and Syria, we provided emergency relief for animals caught up in the disaster. 

Three years on from the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are fighting for pandemic treaty in the hope better welfare conditions will secure a safer future for animals, humans and the environment 

   Jakarta finally went dog meat free! An incredible win for animal welfare! 


We were finally able to enter Karachi Zoo, to provide medical support to suffering elephant Noor Jehan. Heartbreakingly, Noor Jehan’s suffering was too prolonged, and she passed away on April 21. 

In April we marked meat exhaustion day in the UK by releasing our report on global meat consumption and how it is way above sustainable levels.


We acted fast to undertake a critical tiger rescue in Argentina. The pair of tigers were removed from an illegal private breeding farm in Balcarce in the Buenos Aires province and are now safely living in Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife reserve in Jordan. 

We headed to Downing Street to demand that the Prime Minister follow through on his commitments to animal welfare and stop hanging animals out to dry.  


Nike finally ‘just did it’ and said no to mulesed wool! After a year of campaigning, we managed to get one of the globe's largest sporting brands to do better for animals. 

When severe floods impacted an already tested Ukraine, we provided further emergency help to support animals caught in the disaster. 


We launched our action to oppose a proposed mega-farm in Norfolk with incredible success. We had a whopping 6,000 people write to the local council opposing the plans. 

Rare white tiger Charlota was rescued from the streets of Czech Republic and rehomed at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary where she is currently thriving! 

BEAR SANCTUARY Belitsa in Bulgaria became a temporary home to an adorable, orphaned bear cub when he was found wandering around alone near a Bulgarian village. He is currently undertaking his rehabilitation ready for the wild in Greece next Spring. 

We exposed the truth behind the so-called ‘sustainability’ of animal-derived materials in our Taming Fashion report  two-part series. 


We returned to Karachi Zoo following intensive discussions with relevant authorities to relocate Madhubala, Noor Jehan’s enclosure mate and friend. Whilst these long and important conversations continue, we are urging the authorities to allow her the dignity of a safer future with other elephants in a more species appropriate environment.  

We exposed the grim reality behind a Finnish Fur Farm cruel culling and the conditions of it which caused concerns over a new pandemic spread. 


We held a demonstration outside Westminster calling for the Hunting Trophies (Imports Prohibition) to pass safely and unattested through the House of Lords 

We headed to the political party conferences, letting politicians know just how much #AnimalsMatter to the British public and rallying support for the Hunting Trophies (Imports Prohibition) Bill. 


We exposed the truth behind the ever-growing illegal puppy trade by releasing our new report - Tricks of the Trade: the truth about the illegal puppy trade in the UK. 

We achieved an incredible two million signatures globally demanding an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. 


We released the latest Animal Welfare in Fashion report, exposing fashion’s biggest improvers and underperformers for animal welfare. 

South Korea announced a nationwide ban on the consumption of dog meat. 

A light coloured cat with bright blue eyes

In Vietnam, we are closing one of Hoi An’s three last remaining dog and cat meat restaurants. 

In total, we cared for 13 orangutans, 142 bears and 137 big cats in our sanctuaries this year, and also vaccinated and neutered over 23,000 stray cats and dogs in Europe. 

Time to reflect

It has been another incredible year here at FOUR PAWS UK, with some fantastic highs and some tragic lows.  

After campaigning for her care and freedom for so long, we sadly lost Noor Jehan this year. This beautiful elephant and her friend Madhubala had been living in Karachi Zoo without access to proper care, freedom or even other elephants. We continue to campaign for the rehoming of Madhubala, so she may be able to experience a happier, more species-appropriate life away from the zoo.  

Despite the vast public support and the backing of Government and cross-party MPs, the Kept Animals Bill was unceremoniously dropped by the Government, and the Hunting Trophies (Imports Prohibition) Bill also fell in the House of Lords this year. Despite these difficult blows, we will continue to forge ahead into 2024 with renewed energy and commitment to getting all political parties to support legislation that protects animals and join us in declaring that Animals Matter.  

We would like to take this moment as we wrap up the year to thank all of you who have taken action, helped fund our work, and shared our stories far and wide. We absolutely could not do any of this vital work without you and appreciate all you do to support animal welfare, worldwide.  

Happy New Year! 


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Animal Charity - Daisy

Daisy Sopel

Junior Campaigner

Daisy works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting her colleagues in the delivery of our wild, farm and companion animal campaigns. She has a background in animal behaviour and welfare and has almost a decade’s worth of experience working with sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centres.

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