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Let’s celebrate our successes this year, thanks to your support

2021 has been a big year for animal welfare


In the run up to Christmas, we want to celebrate with you and all that’s been achieved so far in our mission to #LiveKinder.  

Check out our infographic below that outlines all the great work we have achieved so far this year: 

So in the last 12 months:

  • We handed in over 1 million signatures to No.10 Downing Street as part of the #FurFreeBritain coalition
  • We rescued 10 bears and 10 big cats this year
  • Our sanctuaries cared for 148 bears, 146 big cats and 12 orangutans
  • Over 14,000 dogs and cats neutered and vaccinated across Europe
  • 14,736 pledged to reduce their meat intake to help fight climate change & animal suffering
  • 123,756 demanded an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia 
  • 46,331 called on fashion brands to end the sale of mulesed merino wool 
  • 32,709 spoke out to ensure Governments put animal welfare at the forefront of pandemic prevention 
  • 44,871 pledged to Wear It Kind and showed designers & manufacturers that we need more compassion in fashion 
  • We published the second edition of the Animal Welfare in Fashion Report, ranking the best & worst fashion brands worldwide 
  • Our illegal puppy trade reporting form received 383 reports since launching this summer 
  • We lobbied world leaders ahead of COP26 calling for a #DietChangeNotClimateChange 
  • We promoted a new sourcing guide with Eating Better on sustainable food procurement to help engage with local authorities across England 
  • Almost five thousand of you took the oath to Travel Kind, ensuring that your holiday is animal-friendly 
  • The Sentience and Kept Animals bills were introduced in Parliament, making huge strides in animal welfare 


We couldn't have made any of this happen without you, so thank you for your continued support! By working together, and making small changes in our own lives, we are really making a difference to the lives of millions of animals.  

We look forward to seeing what else we can achieve together for animals in 2022! 

Emily Wilson, FOUR PAWS UK Head of Campaigns 

Animal Charity

Emily Wilson

Head of Programmes UK

Emily heads up the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, managing our farming, wildlife and companion animal campaigns. She has worked for over a decade in conservation and animal welfare, protecting animals both in the UK and worldwide.

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