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Ways to Wear it Kind this Winter

Winter is almost upon us, and many of us will be reaching for the knitwear. But have you ever thought about the ways animals are affected by our fashion choices?


Sadly, millions of animals suffer for fashion every year, but the good news is – we can all make simple changes in our daily lives to help change this. If we all #WearitKind, we can help end the suffering and unnecessary deaths of millions of animals worldwide.

Throughout the month of November, we will be sharing a series of tips to help you on your journey towards an animal-friendly wardrobe. Small actions really can make a big difference – for animals, and the planet.

Animal Charity

To give you a taster, here are a few of our favourite tips to help you begin your #WearitKind journey:

  1. Learn the issues. Head over to our #WearitKind homepage here, and learn all about the cruelty facing animals used in the textile industry today.
  2. Have fun and shop your wardrobe. Set yourself a time limit (one week, one month or even a year!) with the target of not buying any new clothes.
  3. Make a new habit of checking the label or item description before buying, avoid animal derived material where possible – and remember, no animal should be killed for fashion!
  4. Pledge to #WearitKind here, and share with friends and family to encourage them to join the animal-friendly fashion movement!

Share Your Outfit

We’d love to see your favourite outfits that incorporate these #WearitKind values. Take a quick picture and tag us @fourpawsuk -and don’t forget to use the #WearitKind hashtag!

Stay tuned for more #WearitKind tips and information on how you can take action throughout the month!

Animal Charity

Jenny Canham

Campaigns Officer

Jenny works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, and manages the UK farmed animal campaigns Make Food Kinder and Wear it Kind. She has a background in journalism, and has worked across various animal non-profits and grassroots advocacy organisations in the UK and internationally.

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