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FOUR PAWS reveals abuse affecting animals and people in South Africa


Today (March 24th) FOUR PAWS releases a new report revealing the exploitation of animals and workers in the captive breeding industry in South Africa.

Sadly terms such as canned hunting and trophy hunting are ones many of us have heard time and time again, but the new findings paint a bleaker picture than many had imagined was possible.

Shockingly the findings have revealed that:

Animal Charity
Animal Charity

But, it’s not just the animals that are being exploited, so too are the people made to work in the industry. With little measures in place to protect their safety many are also paid well beneath the minimum wage. With hygiene standards so low even before the COVID-19 outbreak, staff have had little chance to be able to clean the enclosures, meaning once again their own health and that of the animals is at risk.

“As things stand, we now more than ever, need a collective voice to speak out against this and end the suffering of animals, people and avoid contribution to a next pandemic.” 

Fiona Miles, Director of FOUR PAWS South Africa

So whilst these findings are shocking and may cause us to feel helpless, after all we are nearly 8,500 miles away, we can do something. In the UK our Government has been promising to introduce more legislation to ban the import and export of hunting trophies and this could have a knock-on effect on the captive breeding industry. Please join us in once again calling on the Prime Minster to #GetTheBanDone. Tweet him today!

Read more about the #ViciousCycle here and the full report here:

The Vicious Cycle

The Vicious Cycle

The Full Report

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