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How to Take Part this National Vegetarian Week

A time to explore new tastes! Do you know the benefits of a meat-free diet? Find out more!


Today see’s the start of #NationalVegetarianWeek, a week dedicated to educating people about the benefits of a meat-free diet, and a great time to try new recipes and maybe even go meat-free for the week!

This year’s National Vegetarian Week comes at a time where many of us are staying at home, and although we may not be able to get out and try some of the delicious meat-free options available in restaurants, there are still plenty of ways we can take part:

1.       Try our #PlantBasedChallenge

Every week, we’re sharing some of our top tips to help you try out some simple and delicious plant-based recipes. Have you taken part yet? Find our challenges here and share your successes with us! Just tag @fourpawsuk on social media and don’t forget to use the hashtag #PlantBasedChallenge

2.       Help us Make Food Kinder

We are currently working to reduce animal products and increase plant-based options in public institutions around the UK. You can sign our petition to show your support, and also find out how well your local authority is currently doing here.

3.       Go meat-free this week!

Did you know that going for meat-free, even for one week can make a difference? 72 billion land animals are killed every single year for food. Not to mention, over 18% of the planet’s greenhouse gases come from farming animals for food. And if that’s not enough to convince you, vegetarians typically have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and a meat-free diet can reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes. So why not go meat-free to celebrate this week? For inspiration, you can find our full selection of meat-free recipes here.

Every day, we have the opportunity to make kinder choices, and this #NationalVegetarianWeek is the perfect time to try something new which helps animals, the planet, and our own health.

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Jenny Canham

Campaigns Officer

Jenny works in the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, and manages the UK farmed animal campaigns Make Food Kinder and Wear it Kind. She has a background in journalism, and has worked across various animal non-profits and grassroots advocacy organisations in the UK and internationally.

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