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A New Dawn for End the Cage Age and the Sentience Bill?

Parliamentary debate due on 16th March which could change animal welfare in the UK


With your help, this month could see a real step forward for ending cage farming and ensuring UK law recognises animals as sentient beings. All you have to do is fill out this form by Humane Society International to ask your MP to attend the parliamentary debates that are happening on March 16th.

The more voices we can muster, the better chance we have of making this change a reality.

What is Being Discussed?

End the Cage Age

Because of cage farming, millions of animals suffer in intense confinement across Europe. Here, they often experience short, miserable lives in cramped conditions before they are eventually slaughtered - many never even see the light of day. Millions of animals, including pigs, hens, rabbits, ducks, and quail are imprisoned in these cages in order to meet the high demand for animal products.

We are working alongside over 140 other NGOs that support an end to caged farming. Now, with over 1,000,000 signatures, we have a chance to we have a chance to free animals from cruel cages enabling them to have a life worth living.

The Sentience Bill

Since recent political developments in the UK, animals are at risk of losing the legal protections they received under EU law, such as being recognised as sentient beings – having the capacity to feel pain and a range of emotions. With this law maintained, all Ministers in the UK will be bound by duty to fully regard animal welfare in policy making. Therefore, we cannot lose it.

Act Now

With just a few clicks you could send a pre-prepared email to your MP urging them to attend this debate on Monday and help us change the face of animal welfare in the UK.

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