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Tipping the Scales Against Exotic Skins

The third instalment in our Wear It Kind campaign highlights the use of exotic skins in the fashion industry.


The common view of leather is that it is only made using the skins of cattle, buffalo, goats, pigs, and sheep. However, there is also a range that has been deemed more ‘exotic’ in its nature. Yet, the cost to the animals involved remains the same.

Exotic leather commonly refers to the skins of crocodiles, alligators, pythons, lizards, ostriches, stingrays, and kangaroos. Although a number of major designers and fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney, have rejected its use as the demand for ethical fashion begins to grow, animals are still suffering for fashion.

Sadly the scale of the illegal python trade is likely to be equal to that of the legal trade. It’s not just them which are lusted after by brands, crocodiles and alligators are also being farmed for their skin: suffering unimaginable suffering in the pursuit of a perfect fashion accessory. Usually, this means that the animals suffer extreme confinement and brutal slaughter methods. You can out more information, here.

This means that the fight to bring more compassion in fashion isn’t at an end.

How Can You Help?

You can help to stem the demand for exotic skins by taking our Wear It Kind pledge, today. Here, you can make a stand by showing that you’ll never buy or wear any exotic leather.

We all express ourselves in what we wear, so make a choice to express kindness.

Animal Charity

Aaron Lax

Digital Communications Officer

Aaron works as part of the communications team at FOUR PAWS UK, supporting the social media, SEO, and digital content mediums to spread the message of animal welfare far and wide.

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