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The Trade and Animal Welfare Coalition are fighting for the rights of animals in new trade deals 

FOUR PAWS gives a voice to the voiceless


We are proud to be members of the new Trade and Animal Welfare coalition (TAWC), working to ensure animal welfare standards are protected in international trade. This coalition was previously formed to assess the impact of Brexit on animal welfare, and having now officially left the European Union work continues but now focuses on scrutinising current trade negotiations and on concluded trade agreements, as well as setting out a vision for a British trade policy that cares for animals. 

Giving a voice to animals in trade policy 

Whilst the Government has committed to keeping existing animal welfare standards, TAWC will act as the watchdog to ensure UK trade policy does not put animal welfare standards under pressure or allow imports of lower welfare products to enter the country. TAWC will also look for opportunities for the UK to use new trade agreements to promote higher welfare in partner countries. 


Animal Charity

A United Kingdom 

As the Coalition includes members from Northern Ireland, Scotland and England, it is well placed to work across Governments and ensure a strong UK-wide voice for animals. TAWC believe that the UK should continue to act as a global leader on animal welfare, by helping to set international standards where possible, and by using its trade agreements as platforms to develop cooperation on the matter with third partners, including capacity building and technical assistance. The UK should also continue to cooperate with like-minded partners, such as the EU, to promote an understanding of the connection between animal welfare and other global challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance, climate change or the spread of zoonoses. With the Covid-19 pandemic being directly linked to the wildlife trade, and numerous other outbreaks in the past being linked to factory farming, we must consider animal welfare in all trade negotiations going forward. We must Live Kinder in the way that we treat animals, the environment and the planet.  

If you would like to know more about TAWC’s work you can visit the website, otherwise watch this space for more updates on our work to promote animal welfare in trade.  

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Emily Wilson

Head of Programmes UK

Emily heads up the Campaigns Team at FOUR PAWS UK, managing our farming, wildlife and companion animal campaigns. She has worked for over a decade in conservation and animal welfare, protecting animals both in the UK and worldwide.

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