The last 12 months in the dog and cat meat trade

Find out what we've been up to thanks to your support in our aim to end the dog and cat meat trade.


There have been great advances in the last 12 months in our aim to end the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

With so much already achieved, from slaughterhouse closures to citywide commitments to end the trade, we wanted to let you know just how your support has helped!

Tortoiseshell cat being examined by a vet


For over two years, we have been engaging with Vietnamese officials to help combat the dog and cat meat trade and improve companion animal welfare.

Finally, in December 2021, the Hoi An People’s Committee signed a Memorandum of Understanding to phase out dog and cat meat from the city!

With more than five million dogs and one million cats trafficked and slaughtered for their meat in Vietnam every year, this monumental agreement paves the way for other towns and cities across Vietnam to follow suit.

Throughout 2022, our team in Vietnam has been rallying support from Vietnamese citizens calling for an end to the trade. A whopping 33,000 citizens participated in the ‘This is not Vietnam’ campaign, calling on the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister to put an immediate end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade! The campaign has been further endorsed by over 75 tourism companies pledging support as we make integral headway in Vietnam.


In November 2021, as part of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition we helped to intercept a slaughterhouse truck and rescue 53 dogs that were destined to be sold for their meat. As part of the country’s first ever large-scale police raid on an illegal dog meat slaughterhouse, we were pleased to see justice served as the known trader was consequently sentenced to 17 months in jail.

We are also pleased to announce that in April of this year, four more regencies in Central Java committed to banning the dog meat trade!

In total, 19 jurisdictions across Indonesia have pledged to end the trade that sees thousands of dogs killed in terrible conditions every year.

Pair of fawn coloured puppies


Back in early 2021, we helped the Siem Reap authorities in the first ever Cambodian interception of a slaughterhouse van where 61 dogs were rescued, and the driver immediately arrested.

Soon after, we closed an infamous dog slaughterhouse in Skun that drowned approximately 200 dogs per day for their meat. We swiftly rescued the 16 remaining dogs there and have since been working on their recovery for future adoption.

Following these rescues, we established a full-time adoption centre in Cambodia to help the dogs find loving forever homes, in addition to several dogs being taken to Switzerland to live out the rest of their lives with their new families.

There has also been lots going on behind the scenes too. We’ve been working hard to get the topic of the dog and cat meat trade on the Cambodian political agenda. Through our ‘Pet Expo’ in Siem Reap in May of this year, we were thrilled to see representatives from both the ministries of tourism and agriculture in attendance and expressing support for an end to the trade. Our own UK embassy in Cambodia also sent a representative to support the event, cementing your view as a British citizen that this trade must be stopped.

What next?

We have made great strides already in Vietnam, but we need YOUR help to show the Ministry of Tourism in Vietnam that we will not stand for this torture any longer.

The brutality of the dog and cat meat trade tarnishes the beauty that Vietnam holds, and we will not let the Vietnamese government stand by idly whilst this cruelty ensues.

We will soon be calling on you to support the 33,000 Vietnamese citizens that believe ‘This is not Vietnam’ and write to the Vietnamese National Tourism Board to express your opposition to the trade.

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Together, we can save the lives of millions of dogs and cats from this heinous trade, once and for all.

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