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Fur fashion is cruel, and still happening


Every year more than 95 million animals are bred and killed, only to end up as collars, hoods or other accessories. Locked in tiny wire cages, under which mountains of faeces pile up, foxes, raccoon dogs and other species await their senseless death on fur farms. At the age of just a few months, the animals are killed in front of their fellow creatures, for example by electrocution or gassing. The death in the wild of coyotes, lynxes and other animals in traps for their fur is no less brutal.

The majority of consumers throughout Europe strongly object to the use of real fur. Opinion polls from a number of European countries have consistently demonstrated that the majority of citizens consider breeding animals for fur unacceptable. This is one of the reasons why worldwide so many companies have already turned their backs on these products based on animal cruelty.

Animal Charity

However, there are still some fashion companies yet to comprehend the importance of animal protection and sustainability, who ignore the wishes of consumers and appeals for animal protection. One of the European companies that continues to support this animal suffering is the catalogue and online retailer MADELEINE Mode GmbH. In the assortment of the internationally selling fashion supplier based in Bavaria, there are numerous products made of real fur or with fur trimming. Countless raccoon dogs, foxes, minks and rabbits are bred under cruel conditions in Europe and Asia to be killed for the fashion of MADELEINE.

MADELEINE has not yet responded to several offers of conversation from FOUR PAWS. In the past, the company justified the use of fur by claiming that its furs came from farms which allegedly comply with the ethical principles of animal husbandry and at least meet the legal requirements. However, animal-friendly fur does not exist and therefore MADELEINE must immediately stop selling real fur. Please help us to do so!

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